7 exercises you can do with household items

Beatrice Go
7 exercises you can do with household items
Turn these household items into gym equipment for your home workouts!

MANILA, Philippines – Can’t make that investment for home gym equipment just yet? You can actually turn several household items into makeshift weights in order to continue working on those gainz. 

From simple home errands such as grocery shopping to getting creative in incorporating DIY weights to your exercise routine, you might need not sign up for that gym membership anymore. (Adulting 101: How to set up a home gym)

To give you an idea on how to add that resistance to your workouts, here are some cool exercises that you can try with household items: 

1. Backpack squats

Fill your backpack with your usual school or work items such as your books and laptop and wear it as you squat down. 


READY FOR WORK(OUT)? Putting books into a bag can serve as makeshift weights for your squat exercises. Photo by Beatrice Go/Rappler

If you want to get your heart pumping, you might want to try squat jumps for some cardio.



2. Chair (or table) dips 

The usual chairs we have at home may not be as sturdy as gym benches, but a low table may be enough to sustain your weight for some chair dip exercises. 



3. Dumbbell exercises 

Whether that would be bicep curls, hammer curls or tricep kickbacks, there are a lot of items in the house that can be used to substitute those dumbbells. 

Here’s a quick guide on the rough equivalents: 

1 lb = can of soup or beans, big bottle of salad dressing, 10 pieces of cutlery bundled up

2 lbs = 1 kg of rice, 1 liter of milk 

3 lbs = a bag of fruits (8 pieces of apples, 4 pomelos) 

4 lbs = 2 kg of rice, 64 oz ketchup bottle 

5 lbs = 2.3 kg pack of flour

8 lbs = 1 gallon of milk or water

10 lbs = largest bottle of laundry detergent



4. Tricep extensions 

A bag of fruits can go a long way as the health benefits can extend to your tricep development! 


HEALTH IN A BAG. Add as many apples as you like to give your triceps the resistance they need. Photo by Beatrice Go/Rappler


Modifications include one-arm, two-arm, and seated tricep extensions which you can do on the couch when you’re feeling a little lazy. 



5. Kettlebell swings

Using the same bag of fruits, you can also do some kettlebell exercises. But make sure that the bag is sealed to prevent yourself from making a mess! 



6. Deadlifts 

Just like what basketball player Isaac Go suggested in this video, you can fill up a luggage with canned goods to try to replicate the barbells in the gym. 


BARBELL SUBSTITUTE. Fill up a luggage with canned goods and other things for a substitute to the bigger gym equipment. Photo by Beatrice Go/Rappler


With bigger equipment in your home, you can now perform those deadlifts!



7. Kenpo cardio 


To get those lean arms, you can pick up cans of spam and incorporate them to your kenpo workouts or stationary arm exercises.



– Rappler.com 

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