Catalan falls in ONE FC debut

Carlos Cinco

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Rene Catalan had a few good moments against Alex Silva but could not overcome the arm-bar finish by the Brazilian.

OVER. Silva made quick work of Catalan. Photo by ONE FC.

SINGAPORE — Former world wushu champion Rene Catalan had a few good moments against Alex Silva but could not overcome the arm-bar finish by his Brazilian counterpart to lose in his ONE FC debut Friday night, April 5.

Raining down a few hammer fists from the top position, Catalan looked as if he was on his way to notching an upset, but Silva had other plans as the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu champ caught him with an arm-bar.

“I was able to reverse his first triangle arm-bar attempt, but on his second attempt I made a mistake as I turned,” Catalan said. “I am in dismay, but my manager told me champions lose all the time, but just because you lose, doesn’t mean it’s over, I’ll train triple time in Jiu-Jitsu.” 

Silva wasn’t fazed

Catalan represented himself fairly well as he was able to land a couple great shots that kept Silva honest. Silva however, expressed that he wasn’t fazed at all with his back on the ground whilst getting pounded on.

“I feel comfortable, it doesn’t matter if I fight on the ground whether on the bottom or on the top,” said Silva. “It’s normal, getting punched. I wasn’t hurt.”

“I wanted to check the distance, come in close, strike a little bit and take him down with wrestling and BJJ. But I wasn’t afraid of his strikes,” Silva recounted his game plan.

Hopefully, Catalan can bounce back from this defeat and return to the cage at the soonest possible time. The little man has some serious speed and oomph on his punches and could cause some serious damage to the lighter weight divisions.

“To all my Filipino fans, sorry I wasn’t able to win, but I’ll come back, and make my preparation triple time so I don’t lose again,” said Catalan in a message to Filipino fight fans.

The level disparity between Catalan and Silva with regards to the ground game and submissions was hugely in favor of the Brazilian. As soon as Silva was able to grab a hold of Catalan’s limbs, the fight was as good as done. Silva tapped Catalan out with a face-down arm bar at 4:34 in the very first round. –

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