Live Blog: Azkals vs Turkmenistan
Live updates from the 2012 AFC Challenge Cup match between the Philippines and Turkmenistan.

This is a live blog of the semifinals match between the Philippine Football Team and Turkmenistan at the 2012 AFC Challange Cup being held in Nepal. Refresh your browser every other minute to get the latest updates. Read up on our primer here

4:41pm: Philippine Team sings national anthem.

4:43pm: Coin toss. 

4:45pm: Kick off. 

4:46pm: Rob Gier concedes early corner kick to Turkmenistan.

4:49pm: Turkmenistan defense is tight. Precise passing giving Azkals trouble so far.

4:53pm: Attempt by Phil Younghusband goes wide. Close one.

5:00pm: Phil loses the ball on an attack at the 14th minute. But Azkals slowly creating openings on offense. 

5:03pm: Phil attempt on goal, but saved on the 17th minute. Corner kick also caught by TKM goalie.

5:06pm: Phil argues for free kick but it isn’t given to him. He complains about a tussle by a TKM player19th min

So far more attempts at the goal for the Philippines

Halfway into the first half. No threatening attempts so far for either teams. 

5:10pm: Goal for the Philippines. Phil Younghusband converts cross from De Murga. Philippines up 1-0. 25th minute.

5:13pm: TKM defender fouls Phil, who falls to the ground. Free kick by Azkal is caught by goalie. 

5:14pm: Early goal by the Azkals has pressured TKM to increase offense. Another TKM attempt on the 29th min saved by Etheridge.

5:17pm: TKM free kick deflected by de Jong. Azkals defense remains tight. Good pressure from TKM offense though. 

Fact of the day: Phil YH’s goal was the first conceded by Turkmenistan in this whole tournament.

5:23pm: Turkmenistan has replaced defender assigned to Phil Younghusband.

5:25pm: 39 miunutes into match, Azkals lead 1-0.

Azkals defense not even letting TKM take a shot. Good, tight defense from the boys. Azkals up 1-0, 40min in. 

5:26pm: 40th min! Consistent TKM attempts but defenders and Etheridge kept it out. Much too close for comfort. 

5:27pm: Etheridge what a save! 41st minute! Goal wide open, he saves it with his foot! 

5:28pm: Last few minutes of the half are intense! TKM is pounding the Azkals goal. 43 min in. 

5:30pm: TKM scored with a header from a free kick but ref says it doesn’t count.

5:32pm: HALFTIME. Azkals lead Turkmenistan 1-0.

5:48pm: Second Half underway. 

5:52pm: Chieffy back in the game. TKM attempt on the 51st min goes wide.

5:54pm: Lack of marking by the Azkals on their TKM man. Another save on the 52nd minute by Etheridge. TKM really aggressive.

5:55pm: Turkmenistan taking control of the midfield. 

5:57pm: Corner kick for Turkmenistan.

5:58pm: TKM taking control of the game. Azkals defense is not keeping up w/ passing of TKM. Azkals need to step it up.

5:59pm: Free kick for Phil Younghusband.

Free kick for the Azkals 58th minute. Deflected by the TKM defense through headers.

6:01pm: Neil Etheridge stops a direct attempt at the goal.

6:02pm: Substitution for Turkmenistan.

6:03pm: Free Kick for the Philippines. 

Free kick by Phil Younghusband hits straight onto the Turkmenistan wall. 

6:04pm: Feee kick for Turkmenistan.

TKM free kick goes over the goal. 

6:07pm: Neil Etheridge stops a Turkeminstan header. 

6:08pm: Another Etheridge save! 66th minute. Long shots of TKM just keep coming. Azkals defense has dropped. 

Wasted Azkals attempt on the 69th minute. Chieffy pass to de Jong is intercepted. 


Moy in for Bahadoran.

Gener in for Caligdong.

6:14pm: Turkemistan player down.

6:15pm: Neil Etheridge gets medical attention. But is back on his feet.

6:17pm: Philippines denied a second goal. Very close attempt by Moy.

Corner kick from the Philippines.

6:19pm: Turkmenistan player runs in on Phil Younghusband who was on his way towards the goal. No cards called.

6:21pm: Aggressive offense by Azkals trying for a 2nd goal! Quick counter by TKM! 15 min left! 

6:23pm: Goal for Turkmenistan. Score equalized 1-1.

6:27pm: Second goal for Turkmenistan. They now lead the #Azkals 2-0. 

6:32pm: 4 minutes of added time. 

6:35pm: Red Card issued to Neil Etheridge. Neil out of the game.

FULLTIME: Turkeminstan wins 2-1.

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