Are Azkals fans angry at GMA 7?
A fan of the Azkals confronted a GMA News crew covering the team's arrival press conference

MANILA, Philippines – Are Azkals fans still angry at GMA 7 after news anchor Arnold Clavio’s supposed anti-Azkals remarks? Clavio has since asked for understanding despite a Philippine Football Federation complaint, but GMA 7 has defended Clavio saying it saw nothing “racist, discriminatory, libelous, or malicious” in the commentary of Clavio.

On March 20, during the arrival press conference of the Azkals at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3, an Azkal fan questioned the presence of a GMA News crew during the event. Rappler sought permission from the fan to interview her, but she soon became upset when a GMA News cameraman tried to shoot video of her also. The fan warned, “Beware of showing yourself where Azkals are, fans are angry.” Are you an Azkal fan? Do you feel the same? Let us know in the comments. –