San Beda coach officially resigns
Frankie Lim has officially resigned from his head coach post of the San Beda basketball team.

MANILA, Philippines – After much speculation of his possible break from coaching, winning and controversial San Beda basketball head coach Frankie Lim has officially resigned.

Lim submitted his resignation on Friday, March 30, which has been accepted by the college, according to San Beda athletic director Ato Badolato.

The search for Lim’s replacement is now underway, and is expected to be announced in the coming week.

Rumors of Lim’s resignation circulated after he delivered an emotional speech to his team early this week during one of their practice sessions. However, Lim’s wife Olen Lim denied the reports on Tuesday, March 27.

Lim said he will take a break from coaching.

Lim has led the San Beda team to 4 NCAA championships in the last 5 years including back-to-back championships in the past 2 seasons, since he took over coaching in 2008. He was a San Beda player himself in 1978.

But the multi-awarded tactician is not without controversy.

His resignation comes 3 weeks after the NCAA handed him a 2-year suspension after causing a raucus in a volleyball game at San Beda’s campus last December.

Lim and San Sebastian women’s volleyball coach Roger Gorayeb were involved in a heated argument that resulted in the suspension of Lim, Gorayeb and some San Beda basketball players. 

Read his official resignation statement below:


To Our Beloved Bedan Community,

It is with deep regret that we officially inform you of the resignation of Frankie as Head Coach of San Beda Red Lions effective March 31, 2012.

It was an honor having to serve the community for 5 years with 4 NCAA Championships with 1 Perfect Season. Our family is deeply touched with the community for having embraced us over these years and by the outpour of love and support. It is truly humbling and encouraging.

We would like to thank… our Coaching Staff, whose talent, patience, dedication and unparalleled efforts are truly extraordinary, and any Coach will be lucky to have; and to their families who allowed them to spend countless hours of basketball time away from family time.

…To our utilities and ball boys, for the support and dedication for taking care of the team. Maraming Salamat.

…To Fr Raffy Alaras, Mike Advani and Dra. Minette, for your unconditional love and time ensuring each one of us is always taken cared of – spiritually, emotionally, financially, physically, with countless visits to airport, hospitals, doctors, embassies, etc. Your undying support cannot be measured and we will forever be grateful.

…To Dean for the sumptuous sponsored dinners after games that makes us look forward to winning more games;

…To the Band, Cheerleaders and Indians, The San Beda Student body, for your overwhelming support and cheers, to whom we draw courage and strength to win games; 

…To the Administrators, Faculty, Members, Student Council and Students of College of Arts and Sciences, for the Manifesto of Support with over a thousand signatures, this was truly meaningful and heartwarming to receive at our darkest hour, may you all be blessed for your courage to stand by one of your own;

…To the Alumni, here and abroad, brotherhood like no other, your deafening cheer and jeers, all out support, your dedication to watch the games in an unholy hour, we will surely miss the RED SEA of love and support; 

…To the Bedan pages (not in any order and hope we didn’t miss out any) of: San Beda College, Animo San Beda, Tunay Kang Bedista Kung, San Beda Red Lions, Band of Bedan Brothers, United San Beda, SBC Alumni Association of Southern California and other SB Chapters worldwide, SB Dragon Boat Rowing Team, SB Spikers, San Beda Alabang and Rizal, San Beda Red Cubs, SB Red Guards, SB Red Corps, Red Trend, and to all of you (hope we didn’t miss out) for all the exchanges of thoughts, ideas and opinions, bringing us closer more than before;

To PULA and Amazing Playground, for capturing the priceless moments in pictures and having a voice in fashion; both always copied but never equaled;

…To the Boosters, mula sa Kape and never ending kwentuhan ng games, to unselfishly providing the team with much needed love and support – financial and emotional, we honor your dedication and most of all your friendship;

To our family, relatives and friends, for putting up with our FB and tweet dramas; for understanding and caring for us; for the soothing words from unfamiliar names and faces; that carried and gave us hope and to know we are loved no matter what;

And last, but not the least, to the players, even to our boys long gone, who took every inch of Coach’s ire like a man, knowing that it was never personal but always brought about by disciplined love to make them stronger, tougher, to mold the character and heart of the Lion – to bring out the best in them. You are our extended children having you with us for holidays, regular days, or just any day. We thank your parents and families for entrusting you to us and allowing us to be your family away from home. That last practice, in the middle of the court, facing that Red Lion on the floor, says about the beautiful relationship you have with him. The profound silence, the overwhelming outpour of emotion displayed how much you loved and respected him…that was a magical moment. That was a gift and we are truly blessed to have you as our players. If there was any lesson you learned in all these, Coach instilled in you to protect each other, have each other’s backs and never leaves a brother in battle.

May God Bless you. We are blessed to have found new relationships and created beautiful memories to look back on with a smile; proud of knowing what we did was true, we can look people in the eye with no shame, offended no one, stood up for what we believe in and offered it all for God’s greater Glory.

To the next coach, good luck and love the Lions with all your heart.

Maraming Salamat sa inyong lahat! Pray for us as we venture on to the next journey with God leading our way.



Lim Family

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