1 on 1 with ONE FC’s Kotetsu Boku

Rick Olivares
Rappler talks with ONE FC MMA fighter Kotetsu Boku.

MANILA, Philippines — When I first saw Japanese-Korean Mixed Martial Artist Kotetsu Boku in the promotions for One FC: Rise of Kings in October of 2012, the first thought in my mind was, “Whoa, he looks like a modern-day drunken master.” You know that character from the old Jackie Chan film Drunken Master (that popularized Zui Quan as a fighting style). I also thought of that old dude from Tekken.

Once he got into the ring against Brazilian Zorobabel Moreira, I thought he was a goner as the former beat up on him. Still Boku held on as he miraculously took an insane amount of punishment to make it to the third and final round.

In the midst of another pummeling by Moreira, Boku fought back and landed one of those punches that every fighter dreams of, a haymaker that sends one to dreamland. Moreira fell as Boku finished him off.

It was an incredible comeback and Boku claimed the vacant One FC Lightweight Championship. Moreira’s gym mate, Shinya Aoki, gained revenge on Boku six months later in One FC: Kings and Warriors where his rear naked choke forced the Japanese-Korean to submit in the second round losing his title.

But no matter, Boku has become one of my favorite MMA fighters. Here’s an interview I conducted recently.

Rappler: Did the match against Shinya Aoki go as planned? What have you learned from that match?

Kotetsu Boku: No, I could not do anything when I faced Shinya Aoki. It tells me that I have to improve when I face high profile fighter like Shinya Aoki. I will grow stronger from that bout and get better. 

R: Going into One FC Kojima vs Leone, you’re up against Vuyisile Colossa, a fighter with a strong stand up game with excellent striking ability. He is also coming off a loss. How do you intend to fight him?

KB: I want a hard-hitting game that will get all the fans excited. Colossa likes to fight stand up and I like to fight stand up as well. It will be an exciting standup battle. This fight will be an exciting contest and I am confident that I will emerge victorious. 

R: Having competed for a long time, in your opinion, is MMA growing in Asia?

KB: Yes, it is growing now in Asia. The achievements of One FC will  be a huge part of the contribution. One FC is revolutionizing MMA in Asia again that it is becoming very big all over Asia. Every One FC show is sold out and the fans are very passionate about the fights.

R: How do you like competing in the One FC where every other month you’re in another country?

KB: It is a great opportunity for me, and appreciate all of One FC’s support and fans in Asia. Every country I go to the fans are very supportive, very encouraging. I love my fans all across Asia and it is an honor to put on a show for them. 

The Boku-Colossa will be the co-main event of One FC Kojima vs. Leone this coming September 13 in Jakarta, Indonesia. – Rappler.com