PH’s 1st international Capoeira Angola event

Jonathan Baldoza
ECAMAR Philippines hosts the 1st International Capoeira Encounter, open to all interested.

MANILA, Philippines – Here’s something new to try for the summer.

ECAMAR Philippines will host the 1st International Capoeira Encounter from April 18 to 22 at the ARTs Plus School for the Arts in Makati (18-20), and Toby’s Sports Gymnasium in Pasig (21-22).

Capoeira Angola is the first form of Capoeira that originated in 16th century Brazil. According to ECAMAR Philippines, the martial art is a unique combination of the “elements of stylized combat, traditional music and song and ritual practice.”

It involves a variety of local Brazilian instruments, such as the pandeiro, ganza and berimbau.

The 5-day event will be graced by students from Capoeira Angola schools in Japan and Australia, and 3 “master capoeristas” will be in charge of the workshops on movement and music: Mestre Plinio from São Paulo, Brazil, Professor Mandela from Tokyo, Japan and Mestre Mestre Roxinho himself, who is currently based in Sydney, Australia.

There will also be lectures and activities aimed to increase knowledge and interest on the martial art.

Established in 2010 by Pinoy Capoeira Angola aficionados, the Manila-based organization is the first in the country, and is an offspring of the Escola de Capoeira Angola Mato Rasteiro, managed by Edielson da Silva Miranda, or more popularly known as “Mestre (Master) Roxinho.”

Mestre Roxinho has been a dedicated disciple of Capoeira Angola for over 30 years, and is renowned for using the Afro-Brazilian martial art as an instrument of social transformation and inspiration among the less fortunate youth.

ECAMAR hopes that the event will not only entice a new breed of Capoeira Angola practitioners but also elevate the art into a more popular level in the country. –

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