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VLOG: Pacquiao beats Rios, vows to keep fighting
After nearly year-long lay-off, Manny Pacquiao steps back into the ring and proves he is still on top of his game, outboxing the younger Brandon Rios

MACAU – After nearly year-long lay-off and two consecutive losses, Manny Pacquiao steps back into the ring and proves he is still on top of his game, outboxing the younger Brandon Rios.

Natashya Gutierrez files this video blog.

NATASHYA GUTIERREZ, REPORTING: Manny Pacquiao is back. After a convincing unanimous decision win over American Brandon Rios, Pacquiao makes it clear he does not intend to retire anytime soon. And proves he shouldn’t.

The energy in the arena is immense, as a sold out crowd of 13,200 gather to watch the comeback fight of Pacquiao. Most fans root for the Filipino champ, waving flags and chanting his name

The bout is exciting as soon as the bell rings. Pacquiao immediately takes control of the fight and lands his punches. He is too fast for the less experienced Rios, who tries to catch him but has difficulty.
In later rounds, the domination becomes more evident. Pacquiao continues to evade Rios, whose face starts to show damage. Pacquiao easily wins in the scorecards.

Rios admits Pacquiao’s speed spelled his defeat.

BRANDON RIOS, AMERICAN BOXER: It was a great fight you know I tried my hardest, I put my heart and soul into this fight. I bust my butt off in the gym, its just that Manny Pacquiao was quick. He was quicker than I expected. I did train for quickness but the best Pacquiao showed up tonight.

Pacquiao is happy with his performance and vows to continue fighting.

MANNY, PACQUIAO, WORLD BOXING CHAMPION: I’m so happy and thankful to God that he answered my prayer that we will rise again and I think i proved it today, to all of you. I’m praying that God will always guide me and give me strength to give more excitement and good fight to all of you, to all the fans of boxing.

Pacquiao’s victory erases doubts in critics, and again raises the possibility of Pacquiao fighting Floyd Mayweather Jr, widely considered the best boxer today.

The Filipino superstar is slated to fight again on April 12 next year.

GUTIERREZ: Aside from sending a clear message, Pacquiao’s win also comes at an ideal time. The boxer says he hopes his triumph can give honor and happiness to his countrymen, especially to victims of the recent super typhoon Haiyan.

Natashya Gutierrez, Rappler.