Muntinlupa Little League team goes to World Series

Natashya Gutierrez
The Muntinlupa Little League Baseball team makes it to the global baseball scene after they qualify for the World Series. The competition runs from July 25 and August 1 and has teams playing from all over the world.

The Muntinlupa Little League team is excited.

They represent the Philippines in the World Series in South Carolina.

After trying for so long, they qualify for the World Series.

The team competes in the Big League division for boys ages 15-18, after they bested other Asia-Pacific countries.

PEPE MUÑOZ, COACH AND MLL FOUNDER: Well its a great feeling because I remember going back to when they were 6 years old, 1999, 2000, they didn’t know how to throw a ball, they didn’t know how to catch a ball, from that to where they are today, it’s amazing.

The team has been playing together since they were kids.

They treat each other like brothers and feel that the camaraderie will help them win.

They will need to defeat other international teams to make the finals, where they will face off with the winner of the American teams competition.

ADO IÑIGO, BASEBALL PLAYER: As a strength, we have really good hitting, pitching and defense and the fact that we’ve known each other for so long, we’re really cohesive.

Baseball scouts will be at the tournament, which may open the doors for the first homegrown Filipino to play in the major leagues.

Competing in the World Series achieves another goal: promoting baseball in the Philippines.

FELIPE REMOLLO, TEAM MANAGER: Hopefully with this team and enough coverage in the media, we can revive the interest in baseball among our kids and among the Filipino youth.

The little team with big dreams will be off to slug it out in the world arena. And they’ll be having the time of their lives.

TUWI PARK, BASEBALL PLAYER: Of course we want to win it all but I just want to represent the country properly and make sure that the Filipinos that will be watching us will be proud.

Natashya Gutierrez, Rappler, Alabang.