Rousey: Mayweather fight wouldn’t happen unless we were dating

Ryan Songalia
Rousey: Mayweather fight wouldn’t happen unless we were dating
UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey takes a swipe at Floyd Mayweather for his long history of domestic violence

MANILA, Philippines – Score points to Ronda Rousy for a takedown. 

The Ultimate Fighting Championship women’s bantamweight champion took a shot at Floyd Mayweather Jr in a recent interview, referencing his long history of domestic violence when asked about a potential fight with the American boxer. 

“I’ll never say that I can’t beat anyone. I don’t think me and him would ever fight unless we ended up dating,” Rousey told Access Hollywood talking about her role in the new Entourage movie. 

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Rousey, who is unbeaten in her mixed martial arts career at 11-0 (9 submissions, 2 knockouts), has had no peer in the Octagon, leading many to speculate about an outcome of a fight that could never happen, as they’re of different genders and compete in different sports.

But that hasn’t stopped the UFC’s top brass from speaking on it. UFC president Dana White, when asked about a hypothetical MMA or street fight between the two, told ESPN that their fight would be “over quick” and that “she’d beat him and hurt him bad. 

“Have you ever seen Floyd Mayweather? He’s tiny he’s about this big. I’ve seen her throw bigger men than Floyd Mayweather and hurt them bad.”

Commentator Joe Rogan has also taken a few jabs at Mayweather, saying “Every fight starts standing, and we all know Floyd’s not afraid to hit women.”

Rousey admits that Mayweather, a 5-division champion and the consensus best pound for pound boxer in the world today, would beat her if they ever fought in a boxing ring. But take away the ring ropes and replace them with a cage and it’s a different story, she says.

“Of course Floyd would box the hell out of me if we were in a boxing match,” Rousey said in May 2014.  

“I think that boxing is a limited form of fighting and MMA is a much less limited form of fighting so I’ve trained my whole life to train for things he hasn’t prepared for. When he fought [Marcos] Maidana he got kneed to the head and taken down. It’s just not something that he’s been trained to look out for.”

Mayweather is coming off a May 2 victory over Manny Pacquiao, a friend and supporter of Rousey. Rousey needed just 14 seconds to defeat Cat Zingano in her most recent fight. –

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