Boxing champion Devon Alexander goes on anti-gay rant

Ryan Songalia
Boxing champion Devon Alexander goes on anti-gay rant
Devon Alexander is a two-division boxing champion. He's also bothered by gay marriage, and wants the entire world to know.

MANILA, Philippines – Devon Alexander is a two-time former world champion. He has fought many of the top fighters of this era, including Marcos Maidana, Amir Khan and Timothy Bradley.

He’s also bothered by gay marriage. Like, really bothered.

The 28-year-old boxer from St Louis, Missouri, wasted little time in reacting to the United States Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage in all 50 states on Friday, June 27 Manila time.

The decision sparked a #LoveWins hashflag on Twitter, but the fight would have been a split decision victory if Alexander were one of the judges.

At first, tt was hard to tell if he was joking before the sobering realization kicked in that this is what he believes. It’s one thing to disagree, but Alexander wanted the world to know he was personally offended by this issue.

That’s when Alexander started dropping some science.

be a real man!!

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Taking to Facebook, Alexander dropped the Doomsday scenario that he feels gay marriage could be responsible for:

So you have told Americans that they can marry there (sic) same sex. So basically we are facing extinction. Say for instance that everyone in the world was gay. How the hell can the human race survive if nobody is producing. This is not about judging it’s about forcing someone to accept something that not even supposed to happen. You gave men the right all over the place to penetrate one another.

And then when people voiced their disapproval at his statements….

Boxing, outside of the recent Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr, hasn’t received as much mainstream attention as established leagues like the National Basketball Association or Major League Baseball.

When a statement calling for gays to be put to death was (intentionally?) mis-attributed to Pacquiao by a now disgraced blogger in 2012, news outlets around the world picked up the story and condemned the 8-division boxing champion before retracting.

Alexander, who has 51,000+ followers, is virtually unknown outside of boxing circles, but his adviser Al Haymon is one of the most influential powerbrokers in boxing. Haymon’s Premier Boxing Champions series broadcasts on major networks NBC and CBS, among other channels.

Haymon also advises Mayweather, who expressed his support for gay marriage in 2012.

It’s unlikely Alexander will claim he was hacked, like what former UFC light heavyweight champion had done after posting gay slurs on Instagram. In April 2014, Alexander insinuated on Twitter that a reporter was gay after the reporter warned him it was unwise to go gay bashing on social media.

In any event, Alexander has lost two of his last 3 fights, and the general public probably won’t be hearing very much from him after this.

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