Best of Gameplan

MANILA, Philippines - Hosting one year of GAMEPLAN, Amanda admits that it has already changed her life. 

Year 2014 has been truly adventurous for Ton, Juls and Amanda, who became GAMEPLAN hosts after series of audition challenges.

In their first year as hosts, they were able to climb mountains, surf waves, go on a road trip to the south, camp in the outdoors, try out different extreme and fitness sports and even race in their very first triathlon. 

And when asked “What do you feel when you get up on the board?” “How does the wind feel on your face when you jump off the cliff?” “Why do you keep doing what you do?” “What’s your GAMEPLAN?”

Ton Amanda and Julian found out that the experience is sometimes indescribable but the effects are the same: the adrenaline rush, the high, that sense of living your life to the fullest, the personal change for the better that happens and the desire to keep coming back and doing it all again. 

A brand new year is here, join us as we go on new adventures, meet more passionate people, and allow the experience to change our lives forever. 

What are your passions? What’s your GAMEPLAN? -