Matthysse got scared, says Pacquiao

Roy Luarca
Matthysse got scared, says Pacquiao


The Filipino champion didn’t expect the power-punching Matthysse to become his first knockout victim in 9 years


KUALA LUMPUR – The moment his first solid punch landed, Manny Pacquiao saw the reaction on Lucas Matthysse’s face. He then knew the Argentine could be beaten.

And when Matthysse tagged him, Pacquiao felt that he could withstand the power. He just needed to be careful and avoid the Argentine’s killer right.

“From the beginning, I think I can control the fight,” said Pacquiao during the post-fight conference at Hilton Hotel here. “I know he can’t handle my punches but our strategy is to be patient, don’t rush and don’t be careless.”

“Matthysse also has power, especially with his wild right hook and uppercut. That’s why I took time even when I knocked him down a couple of times.”

According to Pacquiao, he didn’t expect Matthysse to become his first knockout victim in 9 years.

“I was surprised because Matthysse is a very tough opponent and I knocked him down,” said Pacquiao. “So that’s a bonus from being focused and patient in the fight and working hard in training camp. We [my team] did a good job in training. We controlled ourselves during training. It was a heavy training. Thanks to all my team for working hard for this fight.”

No wonder, Pacquiao appeared to be in much better shape than when he yielded his crown to Australian Jeff Horn in Brisbane, last year.

He was catching Matthysse with heavy blows, sending the usually aggressive Argentine on the retreat.

“I think he’s hurting with my punches and getting afraid of the solid ones,” Pacquiao said.

The fact that he was trading punches rather than retreating may have also affected Matthysse’s mindset, according to Pacquiao, who was accompanied by Senate President Tito Sotto.

That’s why he even encouraged Matthysse to come forward and hit him in one round, but the Argentine didn’t bite.

It was the same strategy Pacquiao applied against Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito because he believes that a fight is not only won on physical strength and power, but also mentally.

With his mission to prove that he’s still an elite fighter and to bring honor to the country done, Pacquiao said his priority now is to go back to the country on Monday, July 16, and relax.

Unfortunately, Sotto said a pile of paper would be waiting on Pacquiao’s desk.

Where his job as a fighter ends, his legislative duties begin. –

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