Mayweather Sr’s poem for Roach the ‘joke coach’

Natashya Gutierrez
Mayweather Sr’s poem for Roach the ‘joke coach’
Floyd Mayweather Sr heckles Freddie Roach with his signature 'poem'

LAS VEGAS, USA – The gloves are finally off.

While boxers Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao held back from trash talking each other at their final press conference before their megafight, it was a different story for their trainers.

On Friday, April 30, Floyd Mayweather Sr who trains his son, and Freddie Roach, Pacquiao’s trainer, were more aggressive in predicting the outcome of the fight – and in heckling each other.

Roach said he is confident he has found a “winning formula” that would finally hand Mayweather Jr his first defeat, adding, “He could run all night and I have fallen asleep in some of his fights before.”

He was more subdued, though, when asked about Mayweather Sr, who had consistently called him names before.

“I don’t really hate Floyd Mayweather Sr, I just – his poems are a bit cute but I don’t like cute so much from another guy,” Roach said.

“He does get under my skin and all, but he’s trying to do the best job he can and I’m trying to do the best I can and there’s no hard feelings.”

The older Mayweather however was less controlled.

He did not only did he predict a short night for Pacquiao, telling reporters, “This fight is already won, trust and believe me.” He also called Roach, who has been named “Trainer of the Year” multiple times, a “joke coach.”

He then finished off his press conference with one of his rhymes, which he has come to be known for:

As a trainer, I’m the best I must confess.
Than all the rest, there’s no contest.
I will shock your mind, I’m one of a kind
I’m the greatest trainer of all time
With moves and grooves that dance and prance
You fools better recognize who’s the man
I know you fools don’t want to fight.

The trainers’ press conference is the last before the fight of the century on May 2. The bout between Filipino superstar Pacquiao and the undefeated Mayweather is set to be the most lucrative in fight history. It is predicted to rake in at least $400 million and is expected to decide, once and for all, who the best pound-for-pound fighter is today. – 

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