Casimero's power back, speed still lacking, says trainer Neri

Johnriel Casimero may already appear impressive on videos of his workouts but he hasn't hit peak form yet.

Trainer Nonoy Neri puts Casimero's readiness to tangle with Guillermo Rigondeaux on Saturday, August 14 (Sunday, August 15, Philippine time) at 80%.

Neri told Silvervoice TV that while Casimero's power is over the top, his speed isn't in full throttle yet.

"I can feel the impact of his (Casimero's) punches, but his speed is still wanting," said Neri, explaining that it is to be expected considering that Casimero is still deep in training for his defense of the World Boxing Organization bantamweight crown at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California.

"When the (date of the) fight comes closer, our training will become lighter and his body can recover. That's when his speed will return."

Neri, who doubles as one of Manny Pacquiao's assistant trainers, believes power and speed will be the key to victory for Casimero.

"Punching and punching won't be enough. This isn't just a contest of strength, speed is necessary."

Although he took over Casimero's preparations from Jorge Capetillo only last week, Neri said in an earlier interview Rigondeaux will be overpowered within six rounds.

Capetillo, who owns the gym where Casimero trained in Las Vegas, is also in Los Angeles to assist Neri.

Strength and conditioning guru Memo Heredia has also arrived to ensure Casimero makes the 118-pound limit without a hitch.

Team Casimero has released a Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) report on July 16, 2021, certifying that Casimero is free from performance-enhancing substances after preliminary testing. –