Manny Pacquiao once again banned from The Grove over gay remarks

MANILA, Philippines - Manny Pacquiao will have to find a new place to shop in Los Angeles.

The 8-division boxing champion has been banned - once again - from The Grove shopping mall in Los Angeles, which is about 10 minutes from the Wild Card Boxing Gym where he is training for his April 9 bout against Timothy Bradley Jr.

Pacquiao was spotted at The Grove by management with a 16-man entourage and decided after he left that they didn't want him back, writes TMZ. Pacquiao's comments about same-sex marriage were cited for the ban.

"These are statements of hatred. A lot of people from the gay community come to The Grove and they have a right not to feel uncomfortable," The Grove owner Rick Caruso is quoted.

Pacquiao was also banned from the location in 2012 after a blog cited him as saying gays should be put to death per Bible scripture. The ban was lifted shortly after when the blogger's phrasing was called into question.

This time a reversal of stances may not be forthcoming so quickly.

"Manny Pacquiao is no longer welcome," said Caruso.

Pacquiao, who has been under fire following a video of him saying couples in same-sex marriages were "worse than animals," has seen his comments condemned by his promoter Bob Arum and television network HBO, while Nike discontinued its relationship with the boxer. –