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#PacVargas: 'Charizard vs Charmander', 'annoying commentators' and more

MANILA, Philippines – Manny Pacquiao is without doubt still "the people's champ" when he defeated Jessie Vargas and regained the WBO welterweight title via unanimous decision on Sunday, November 6 in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

It was tagged a match between "The Legend" and "The Champ".

The Legend vs. The Champ #PacVargas — king zie (@wxyzie) November 6, 2016 But a Twitter user thought it was a match between Charizar and Charmander, referring to the Pacquiao's pounding of Vargas. This #PacVargas fight is like a Charmander challenging a Charizard! Vargas, #TheChamp, is so young! Hehe. #TeamLegend — John Erick Durian (@johnerickdgreat) November 6, 2016 Everyone was expecting a good fight. 5'6 vs 5'10 167 reach vs 171 reach southpaw vs orthodox This one should be a good fight. #PacVargas — Nicolle (@kneeeecowl) November 6, 2016

In the Philppines, it's expected that during every Pacquiao fight, streets become empty and almost everyone turns into a boxing analyst. 

The Ph streets are empty again #PacVargas — Arianne Zacate (@_ariannezx) November 6, 2016 Feeling sport analyst joining the bandwagon at this moment hahahah lol. Go Manny! #PacVargas — KIMBERLY CANDICE (@im_kimperez) November 6, 2016 #PacVargas It's nice when people watch the fight and the streets are empty. Like you can go outside and dance naked and nobody bats an eye. — Cyril Alentajan (@morty_exe) November 6, 2016 It's sunday so many people goes to Public Market but hell, it's silent here. #PacVargas — Jessabyl Balangan (@vulnerableheart) November 6, 2016 When the usual busy street in the Philippines becomes empty... Pacquiao's fight eh! #PacVargas — Nars Eion  (@CGabalde) November 6, 2016 No people in the streets, zero crime rates! #PacVargas — baMD (@bamseneres) November 6, 2016

Maybe that's why PNP chief Ronald "Bato" dela Rosa was taking a day off to watch Pacquiao fight. 

"STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM NOW I'M HERE" FANBOY GOALS SI PNP CHIEF BATO #PacVargas — Capt. Batchi (@BatchiFckngLuna) November 6, 2016

Almost everyone tuned in via Twitter with over 78,000 unique users contributing to the online conversation.

not watching. but i'm getting real time updates. thanks twitter! hahah. #PacVargas — sheila mae apura (@xshelz) November 6, 2016 Thanks twitter, saved me $70 #PacVargas — Jennifer child (@jennchild5) November 6, 2016

The match garnered over 2.7 million impressions from 11:15 am to 1:45 pm on Twitter. The conversation peaked at 1 pm at the start of the final round. 

PACVARGAS. Twitter scan using social listening tool Reach


Twitter scan using social listening tool Reach

People were very vocal about their support for Pacquiao on social media.

He will, he will PAC you! #PacVargas #champ — giselle rivera alejo (@healthyglutton) November 6, 2016 All for God ser, @mannypacquiao may he bless you. Let's fight for his Glory and Honor #PacVargas — Mavvvy (@baculiomarvi) November 6, 2016 Dear Sen. Pacquiao, Ang panalo mo ay panalo ng sambayanang pilipino. Laban lang! #PacVargas — Dahyll (@dahyllicious) November 6, 2016 I did not vote for you but I am not gonna hate you today. Para sa bansa! Go Manny! #PacVargas — Snapper Girl (@sunflowersnappy) November 6, 2016 The busiest boxer Sen. Manny. Whatever the result is we're always behind you. #PacVargas — Adelah Abdulhamed (@adelahadjaraie) November 6, 2016 Even though I'm his critic on him as senator, still rooting for him to win. @mannypacquiao #PacVargas — ♕ xthereal_ (@itsDarylx) November 6, 2016

Even Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach was in the ring to support Pacman. 

Miss Universe 2015 @PiaWurtzbach is in the ring w/ @mannypacquiao. Pacquiao kneels in the corner to say a prayer. #PacVargas @RapplerSports — Rappler (@rapplerdotcom) November 6, 2016 Ganda mo @PiaWurtzbach. 2 Filipino Pride in one ring. Best of Luck @mannypacquiao!!! God be with you on this fight. #PacVargas — ALDUB SOCO™ (Orig) (@ALDUBSOCOTEAM) November 6, 2016 Miss Universe Pia ang lucky charm! #PacVargas — Reuben (@SMBReuben) November 6, 2016

Below are some of our favorite tweets:

Wala bang boxer na ang surname Ganern. Tapos pag naglaban sila ni Pacquiao #PacGanern #PacVargas — :) (@jankniecel) November 6, 2016 Vargas legally punched a senator. CONGRATULATIONS VARGAS YOU ARE LUCKY ENOUGH TO PUNCH A FILIPINO POLITICIAN LEGALLY. #PacVargas — Dianne Pearl (@diannepearlSG) November 6, 2016

When Mayweather came in, social media was abuzz. 

LOOK: @FloydMayweather embraces Top Rank president @ToddDuboef at ringside. #PacVargas | via @ryansongalia — Rappler Sports (@RapplerSports) November 6, 2016 Floyd Mayweather Jr was thoroughly booed by the crowd here at the MGM Grand, which I'm sure he cares zero about #pacvargas — Ryan Songalia (@ryansongalia) November 6, 2016 I just asked @FloydMayweather why he's here. Smiled, pointed to his daughter and said he was just taking her to the fight. #PacVargas @espn — Dan Rafael (@danrafaelespn) November 6, 2016

Round 2 was a crowd-favorite when Pacquiao gave "The New Generation" Vargas his first knockdown. 

#Philippines #Boxing #legend & #ATG @mannypacquiao defeated Vargas Saturday: #boxeo #video #ko #Tko #Kd #boxe #TTR — (@the13thround) November 6, 2016 Straight down the middle. !!!!!! #PacVargas #PacquiaoVargas — ♚ᏟᏒᎾᎳᏁ mᎬ ᏦᎥᏁᎶ♚ (@H45SAN786) November 6, 2016 As soon as Vargas fell, the Philippines roared: Hear the voice of the philippines! #PacVargas — jesh (@Jeshueeel) November 6, 2016

The battle of the smiles. Both fighters were smiling (or smirking) a lot at each other during the first few rounds. 

Vargas would smile every time Manny punches him. His face is like "Manny just punched me. Gosh, I'm so honored." #PacVargas — Carlo Loyola (@Carlorosix) November 6, 2016 Manny smiled at vargas during their fight :D #PacVargas — Finderskeepers FK (@finderzke3pers) November 6, 2016 THAT SMILE OF PRIDE . .GO MANNY!. #PacVargas — Czechrionne (@dizzyhappybitch) November 6, 2016 Not sure if it's a smile, or a smirk. #PacVargas — quinzel (@itsssATGG) November 6, 2016 From cat to bull real quick #PacVargas — katrina (@kayelacs) November 6, 2016

Speed kills.  

Is vargas slow? Or he just cant match Pacman's speed? #PacVargas — J z z z r (@jzzzrrr) November 6, 2016 Remember kids: speed kills #PacVargas #PacquiaoVargas — Mandiana Jones (@Mandiana_Jones) November 6, 2016 By round 8, Vargas obtained a cut and started bleeding at around round 9. Vargas Corner be like #PacVargas — CARDS (3-4-1) (@EdgarEGuillen) November 6, 2016 Overall, netizens felt it was a good game with Pacquiao fired up and Vargas being a worthy opponent. Many was a truly legend. He's working rate is absolutely freaking amazing #PacVargas — AmirTheBoss (@amirexec) November 6, 2016 watching with a bunch of people &their shouts makes me feel freakin anxious like wtf im not having a panic attack again #PacVargas — aj. (@anjanetteabang_) November 6, 2016 Yaaaas Pacquiao is on tonight #PacVargas — 알리 (@alyrisse) November 6, 2016 Vargas is using his reach and height finally #PacVargas #PacquiaoVargas — Mandiana Jones (@Mandiana_Jones) November 6, 2016 Vargas's reaction to every power punch received is like, "Oh, man! I'm damned. I'm fighting a legend. I should be out" #PacVargas — Florivie Goyha, RSW (@florgoyha) November 6, 2016 These two are entertaining fans!! #PacVargas — prince ntiamoah (@princemendel) November 6, 2016 This fight is not boring! #PacVargas — Maricris Camacho (@maricrismasmai) November 6, 2016 Age doesn't matter gyud diay HAHA #PacVargas — Myatsueee (@Myatbercero101) November 6, 2016 Well, that was a fight. Vargas did what he could but it just wasn't enough. Bravo both of you #PacVargas #PacquiaoVargas — Mandiana Jones (@Mandiana_Jones) November 6, 2016 100 yrs from now, Pacquiao would be someone people would be studying about in history books. I'm happy to have witnessed this! #PacVargas — BAEutiful_Liza (@Maria_Isabel001) November 6, 2016 Meanwhile, some still couldn't get over the Mayweather-Pacquiao match. What’s good, Mayweather? Hiyang hiya na si @FloydMayweather sa labang #PacVargas dahil sa dikdikan ang laban, hindi tulad noong laban nila ni @mannypacquiao TAKBUHAN — Jerome Grimpluma (@ItsMeNightly) November 6, 2016

 A lot of netizens also had a thing or two to say about the commentators Brian Kenny, Stephen A. Smith, and Timothy Bradley. 

Not that there anything wrong with it, bu I could really do without Stephen A. Smith commentating this fight #PacVargas — GEF Curry (@JD_Mclaurin) November 6, 2016 Listening to @stephenasmith do commentary is weird to say the least. #PacVargas — Ron (@roncharls4) November 6, 2016 These announcers are terrible. #PacVargas — Will Springer (@willspringer) November 6, 2016 Worst announcers for a fight ever? #PacVargas — Old Man Muscles (@OldManMuscles) November 6, 2016 Dude, I would hate to go to a sporting event with Stephen A. Chill out, man. #PacVargas — Jon Mintert (@KSHEJon) November 6, 2016 The commenting is bad.. Steven A smith doesn't belong here. #PacVargas — MeLoMan (@MeLStrong1) November 6, 2016 Why in the hell is Stephen A Smith on the PPV of this fight? He is awful! #PacVargas — Scott Grow (@Scott_Grow) November 6, 2016 I hate these commentators..lousy!!! #PacVargas — Ingrid Beldad (@iamSHEY_t) November 6, 2016 Keep Praising Vargas dear commentators the world sees the truth #PacVargas — Jennah (@Jhzennah) November 6, 2016

Netizens, including Bob Arum himself, reacted to judge Dave Moretti, who gave the match a 114-113 score: