One-man show? Bren Esports teamwork paves way for KarlTzy brilliance

Delfin Dioquino
One-man show? Bren Esports teamwork paves way for KarlTzy brilliance

TOP DOGS. Bren Esports crowns itself as the Mobile Legends king.

Photo from Facebook/Bren Esports

KarlTzy is just one of the many big gears that make the Bren Esports machine work

Karl “KarlTzy” Nepomuceno claimed the title as the finest Mobile Legends carry after starring for Bren Esports in its conquest of the M2 World Championships in Singapore.

The 16-year-old tallied the most kills in the tournament of 148 and posted the highest kills per game average of 6.4.

But KarlTzy is just one of the many big gears that make the Bren Esports machine work.

“Is [KarlTzy] the best carry player in the game? The answer would be yes. I feel like his game sense, game mechanics, game decision-making is way better than anyone else,” team coach Francis “Duckeyyy” Glindro said.

“But if you tell me that he shines because he is doing his own thing, a lot of people are actually wrong about it. It is a misconception.”

“Most people think that Karl is able to do all these great things because he is great when [it is] the team [that] enables him to do these great things.”

Take Bren Esports’ win over Alter Ego of Indonesia in their do-or-die Game 3 in the lower bracket – a match where KarlTzy had a perfect showing of 16 kills and 6 assists against 0 deaths with Lancelot – as example.

In the same game, David Charles “FlapTzy” Canon also had a flawless performance with Baxia with 2 kills and 16 assists against 0 deaths.

Meanwhile, team captain Angelo Kyle “Pheww” Arcangel (Lunox), CJ “Ribo” Ribo (Pharsa), and Allan “Lusty” Castromayor (Chou) all executed their roles as Bren Esports booted out one of the title favorites.

Bren Esports went on to eliminate RRQ Hoshi of Indonesia to reach the grand finals, where it came back from a 2-3 deficit against the Burmese Ghouls of Myanmar to capture the trophy.

“Karl is able to do all these things because of his team. They know exactly how he plays a particular hero,” Glindro said.

“They know exactly what to do, how to set up for him, what to do if he ever overextends, what if he does that, what if he does this, the team exactly knows what to do.”

Glindro added the team thrives on a healthy competition among the members.

“The winningest character that this team has is that they’re very competitive, even with each other. One person would always try to be better against the other in the team,” Glindro said.

“They have their teammates as their point of reference in terms of how they play. ‘Am I good enough? Am I better than this guy? I should be better than this guy.’ Something like that.”

Although already at the zenith, Bren Esports still has plenty of goals to accomplish, including defending its throne in the Mobile Legends Professional League Philippines Season 7.

“We are constantly going to be trying to win. I feel that it is our core value – to always be on the hunt for the gold,” Glindro said. –

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