Canada boxing pressures AIBA to protect 'integrity' after questionable judging

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – The integrity of Olympic boxing is in serious jeopardy after "questionable" judging decisions at the Rio Games, Canadian boxing warned, piling more pressure on the embattled world governing body.

The boxing in Rio reaches its conclusion on Sunday but it has been overshadowed by several boxers and teams alleging they were the victim of poor judging decisions or even corruption - a claim governing body AIBA strongly denies.

The International Boxing Association (AIBA) "reassigned" a top official and sent home an undisclosed number of referees and judges in the continuing fall-out this week.

But Canada's national governing body for boxing is demanding more and hinted at repercussions for the AIBA.

"Following questionable decisions and alleged corruption claims occurring at the Rio 2016 boxing competition, a global strategy is being put in place to ensure AIBA will address and correct the situation," Boxing Canada said in a statement.

"Boxing Canada strongly believes that the integrity of our sport and athletes must be protected while faced with injustice and we will not tolerate any unfair judgment.

"Although small measures have been taken by AIBA, combined efforts with our partners will continue until the integrity of boxing is restored and has reached a satisfactory level."

Boxing Canada did not immediately disclose what the "global strategy" was.

The AIBA did not immediately respond to a request for comment but has vehemently denied all accusations of corruption and threatened legal action.

Arthur Biyarslanov, the self-styled "Chechen Wolf" who escaped death and destruction in Chechnya as a child and now represents Canada, was among the growing number of boxers who hit out at the officiating in Rio after his loss on Sunday.

"I know I won. It's sad when u train so hard and they just take it away from u like that," he tweeted.

I know i won..Its sad when u train so hard &they just take it away from u like that. Thank you every1 around the world for the great support — Arthur Biyarslanov (@ArthurNoxchi) August 15, 2016

"My heart goes out to all the boxers that deserved to win but did not get the decision. I feel you, been some crazy decisions..." –