Davaoeña wrestler vows comeback in next Palaro

TAGUM CITY, Philippines – Davaoeña wrestler Vienne Sophia Huyuh may not have shown her supremacy in her first battle of might at the 2015 Palarong Pambansa, but she has won many other battles in life.

The tears she shed after losing to National Capital Region's Heidi Mae Pinon in the 40 kg weight class girls wrestling match on Thursday, May 7, are not tears of loss, but of disappointment.

It took courage to turn this disappointment into a springboard that propelled her to aim for at least a bronze medal. She exerted greater offensive moves, but still failed the second time around.

The weight difference – her being 37 kg against her opponent's 40 kg – was already a formula for another loss. Her opponent’s shorter height advantage was another exponential factor. 

But in her mind, there is no room for finding blame. Her eyes are already set on the next Palarong Pambansa, where she plans to win gold. The first thing to do is to increase her weight so she can qualify for another weight class.

"I will double my effort in training next year and I will pour more discipline," Huyuh promised. 

A mother's love

Huyuh grew up with a single mother, after her Vietnamese father died of accidental electrocution when she was 6 years old.

She had to endure lonely nights of living with her grandmother because her mother had to work in another town and could only go home once a week. 

For her, the loneliest day of the year is during Father's Day.

But Huyuh survived by simply believing that what happened was meant to happen, and there is always a purpose for everything.

Before she switched to wrestling, Huyuh was a soccer and arnis player for 2 years. During those years, she never had enough of her mother's time.

But soon, her mother started paying more attention to her, afraid that her daughter could get injured because of grappling. Now, Huyuh's mother is always present in her trainings and bouts.

"I am so thankful to my mother who always encouraged me to give my best. It doesn't matter if I lose or win, what's important for her is that I'm safe," Huyuh said. 

Her mother is her source of comfort during times of defeat. After every loss, Huyuh gathers her strength to overcome discouragement, because she believes the battle does not end with one loss. There is always a next time.

"I will play it right and I will win it next time," Huyuh vowed

The ongoing Palarong Pambansa is the largest grassroots sporting event in the Philippines that aims to develop the potentials of the youth to become responsible and globally-competitive citizens. – Rappler.com

Harley Aglosolos is the school paper adviser of La Filipina National High School in Tagum City.