PFF to implement online registration for football players

ONLINE PROCESS. Atty. Edwin B. Gastanes, the PFF General Secretary, says to await further instruction. Photo by Mars Alison

ONLINE PROCESS. Atty. Edwin B. Gastanes, the PFF General Secretary, says to await further instruction.

Photo by Mars Alison

CEBU CITY, Philippines - The Philippine Football Association (PFF) will soon be implementing an online players’ registration system for all football players in the country this year.

This, after the PFF Board of Governors ratified PFF’s engagement of a company that will custom-build for the National Sports Association for football a platform for the online players’ registration system during the 3rd PFF BOG meeting for this year held last Sunday, June 19, at the Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa in Lapu-Lapu City. 

Atty Edwin B Gastanes, the PFF General Secretary, however, said that players and other stakeholders in football should wait for further announcement of details on how to go about the online registration.

According to Gastanes, the online registration of all players is in accordance with FIFA statutes.

“FIFA statutes require all its member associations to register all its players in the country. While we have our registry of players, it is not automated, not digital, not really systematic in the sense that we keep files. We have to be modern in the approach there also, so we shall start an online registration of players,” Gastanes said.

The PFF general secretary clarified that aside from players, also mandated to register are other football officials such as the coaches and referees. Fans and spectators will also be allowed to register but they will not be obliged.

Players and other football officials who are mandated to register will need a scanned copy of their NSO certified birth certificate or passport. Penalties will be doled out for submitting fake or tampered documents.

Gastanes is adamant that the players themselves should be the ones to register because the online players’ registration should be an individual activity as there are privacy rights that the registrant will be waiving.

“There will be a waiver, disclaimer that you (players) agree for PFF to store your data for future use and for this reason the registration should be a personal act,” said Gastanes.

Registration should not be done by clubs, schools or team managers but they can extend assistance such as setting up a booth for players to register as not all players have access to a computer.

Gastanes added that if the player is a minor, their parents can do the registration for them. PFF categorizes ages by grassroots (6-12), youth (13-18), junior (19-23) then the seniors. Considered minors are those who fall under grassroots and youth.

The registration will not be free but the fee will be reasonable, according to Gastanes. Once registered, a player will get an ID and his very own PFF number for life. 

By implementing this players online registration system, PFF will be complying with the FIFA mandate as well as know the accurate number of all players in the Philippines, and where they are from specifically and come up with a database that PFF can use in planning and marketing in relation to the sport.

As to the matter of players who are playing for clubs or teams based in areas other than their birthplace, Gastanes said they will have to register as such.

“There’s a misunderstanding about player registration and territorial jurisdiction of territorial associations (regional football associations). This is player registration, we want to know who are the players in the Philippines and where they are from. Players, they can change places, they can change teams, they can change clubs, it depends if they are minors because it will depend on their parents,” Gastanes explained.

Although the player registration system will still cover a player’s transfer, Gastanes added that this is just incidental and the least of their concern but he assures that it will be addressed. –