Gameplan host search: Starting the climb

BATANGAS, Philippines - What's in store for Gameplan's host search finalists?

On Day 2 of the GAMEPLAN Host Search Final Challenge, the 6 finalists are grouped into two with each team taking on different adventures within Pico de Loro.

The GAMEPLAN lifestyle involves facing up to the challenge – be it on the air, on the ground, and in the water or under. Inez, Juls, and Ally did water challenges in Papaya cove, while Ton, Amanda, and Mike climbed Mt. Pico de Loro.

The four-hour climb up the summit of Mount Pico de Loro – 664m above sea level – is a minor hike to expert climbers.  But reaching the peak of the rocky mountain, also known as “Parrots Beak” is easier said than done. Gameplan's finalists find out the hard way that you can't underestimate a mountain, especially not its steep slopes.

Ton, Amanda and Mike meet up with their climbing guide at the jump off point before starting the hike. Their adventure up the mountain started cheerfully enough— until rains started to fall, mud piled up, paths became slippery, one starts to lose breath, and the other one trails behind. 

Who makes it to the peak to finish this GAMEPLAN challenge? -