Gameplan host search: Time to get stoked

BATANGAS, Philippines— Learning the basics of surfing from the president of the Philippine Surfing Academy and former Gameplan host, Paolo Soler, the finalists got a heads up on the techniques and safety measures needed before they ride the waves.

According to Soler, it is important to always stay away from the fin of the board and strap your leg rope properly to avoid accidents. Placing your toes on the tail, putting your weight at the center, and arching your back are techniques that you can do to be able to stand on the board properly.

Finalist Inez Achacoso says, “Not all the waves that you see, you can ride.”

Riding the waves can be fun but it takes time and patience to learn how to do it. A first-timer will experience a few wipe-outs.

Paddling to catch a wave, one of the finalists got into trouble and broke a board.

Did this young hopeful make it through the challenge and stay in the running to become one of the Gameplan hosts? Find out. -