Gameplan new generation: Juls, world explorer

MANILA, Philippines - Bagging the title of Gameplan host is Julian Rodriguez, a self-proclaimed world explorer who traveled to many places in and out of the country.

Julian admits that his travels changed him profoundly. A former production crew for the reality show, Survivor USA, Julian “Juls” Rodriguez experienced the thrill of crossing hanging bridges, climbing mountains, diving in deep seas and exploring the Bermuda triangle.

A natural in finding adventures, Julian’s willingness to take risks has not only taken him to breath-taking locations, it has also expanded his perspective of the world. “You can never really say that you know something about an object until you see it from somebody else’s eyes,” says Juls.

He believes that life is like jumping off a cliff. He also says that most people do not want to jump into something they do not know. That is why as a new Gameplan host, the audience can live vicariously through his stories, and maybe, try out the challenges for themselves.

Juls refers to himself as a regular guy who opted to go out of his comfort zone to see the world. He says that if he can do it, anyone can do it too. -