Gameplan new generation: 7 things about Amanda

MANILA, Philippines – June 10, 2014. Amanda Fernandez gets to be one of the hosts of the re-launched sports and adventure show, GAMEPLAN.

A football player with merits under her belt, Amanda started playing the sport since she was in sixth grade. She says that football has changed her lifestyle since she dedicated most of her time training. Founded and currently managing a women’s football club, SIKAT, Amanda feels that soccer is her passion and will be making better decisions in life because of it.

The webisode introduces Amanda Fernandez as one of the new GAMEPLAN hosts with fun facts on how she prefers to live her everyday life. She shares a few of her quirks and openly shares her various adventures and sports experiences to the viewers.

Here are seven interesting things about her:

1. She doesn’t like waking up early.
2.Vinegar+ soy sauce+ Tabasco addiction
3. She still fits into her sixth grade soccer shoes
4. She has tried over 10 sports
5. She works as a business development assistant
6. Soccer is her life.
7. She’s your newest GAMEPLAN host.

Hopeful to do more than what is expected of her as a GAMEPLAN host, Amanda believes that her new job allows her to influence people to realize that sports can be life-changing. She recalls that there are so many aspects of her life that she had to go through, and without sports, she would not have been a resilient and fearless woman that she feels she is, today.

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