Gameplan's top 5 sporty date ideas

MANILA, Philippines - According to a report from Santa Clara University, couples who do sporty activities together have stronger positive reinforcement, which makes them more energetic and happier.

Here are the top 5 sporty date ideas from Gameplan:

5. Run together

Running helps burn fat and reduces heart risk. It also improves blood circulation and increase “happy hormones” called endorphins. What’s great about running is that you can choose to run in an indoor facility or simple commune with nature in a nearby park or even out of town. How about running together in a marathon?

4.Try a different kind of workout 

You might want to challenge each other by trying a different  kind of workout. Gyms usually offer trials and one time sessions so you can get the feel of the movements before you take classes regularly. There is a wide variety of new workouts you can try together such as circuit training, TRX, Yoga, and even boxing or MMA.

3.Ultimate frisbee

All you need is a frisbee disc that you can get in any local sports store. You can enjoy tossing and catching your disc at the beach, park, lawn or even at your backyard.

2. Wakeboarding

Wake boarding can be exciting and challenging for newbies. The thrill of being able to balance and stand up on a wakeboard  for the first time is one for the books.  Republic Wake Park in Nuvali is just a short drive away from Manila. You can even drive further south to have a scenic dinner in Tagaytay. 

Surfing has so many things going for it. There are road trips you can spend with your special someone, see the sunset together at a beautiful beach, and bond with each other – part of learning something new together. In La Union, Baler, and Hamilo Coast in Pico De Loro, local Surf coaches are just hanging around the beach and are willing to teach you how to paddle your board, catch a wave, and even take your best couple selfies.