Gameplan Must-try: Trampoline Park

After meeting each other two months ago, Gameplan host Julian Rodriguez and his newfound friends drove to Mandaluyong for an activity that literally put a spring in their steps – trampoline dodgeball!

The Trampoline Park, found in Greenfield District, is the first of its kind in Manila and Gameplan's urbanite barkada were one of the first ones to try it out. 

"At first I was a bit hesitant. I didn't want to jump too high. But once you get confident, you don't care about falling over," shared football player Graham Caygill. 

The park features basketball, dodge ball, and Zumba classes on trampolines. There's also a free jump area and a pit of foam boxes. Now who says trampoline playgrounds are just for kids? 

"It brought back a lot of good memories from childhood," said volleyball player Charo Soriano. 

"I didn't want the day to end because I just wanted to jump around and play around some more," said Jessica Milner, a professional DJ. 

Jumping around the trampolines can burn up to 1,000 calories, making it a great bonding activity and cardio workout in one. 

"It was fun and I think the Trampoline Park can be an alternative urban adventure," ended businessman Bryan McLelland. –