The road to tri: Getting to the finish line

MANILA, Philippines - After three months of triathlon training, Gameplan's hosts must now harden their commitment to start and finish their first sprint triathlon. 

They started 2 months ago and they weren’t sure what they were getting into. Ton says “I didn’t know what I was doing, but it sounded fun to me.” Amanda was a bit hesitant and says, “Ok, we’re going to do a Triathlon, but I feel like I really didn’t have a lot of choice. Next thing I know, I get signed up for the TU4.”

The base assessment test was a rude awakening for the three of them. Ton says “ I knew that I had a little bit of background with fitness and sports but not swimming and biking.”

The months of training challenged their consistency, their technical swim, bike run skills and the ability to adapt to the effort.  “I never thought that I can push myself physically past at what I felt I was…at a plateau,” says Juls. “Our training program was super wild,” says Ton.

Facing their discomfort and with sheer determination, they started to experience breakthrougs. Ton talks about sticking to Coach Ige in an 8 k run “Coach Ige is a legit runner, triathlete. He’s crazy. When he goes uphill, he doesn’t slow down.”

Juls did a one kilometer swim for the first time. In the middle of it, he said he felt like dying and promised to bequeath all his earthly belongings to Ton.

Amanda was uncomfortable on the bike but as she says “ I’m very thankful, if I don’t train with them, I wouldn’t be as comfortable with the bike as I would be right now.”

Overall, two months into training with just a few days before their first triathlon, Ton remembers how his 2 co-hosts give him perspective “When I’m with Juls and Amanda, they remind me that it’s supposed to be fun. And it’s supposed to be something that you’re doing to smile. You don’t push yourself to the limit for no reason.”  And Juls sums up the biggest lesson he has learned so far,“You don’t have to be the fittest, the fastest, but you can be the toughest."  -