Gameplan: Workout of the day

MANILA, Philippines - Ton Vergel de Dios does the WOD or Workout of the Day— five (5) pull-ups, ten (10) deadlifts, fifteen (15) wall balls, and twenty (20) push ups. It seems really simple until he is instructed to do the circuit straight, without taking short water and towel breaks, and make it AMRAP or “As Many Reps As Possible.”

As Ton progresses through the workout, fatigue sets in. By the time ten minutes is up, he finishes three reps of the circuit and is so exhausted that he lies down on the floor. Ton says he is so spent that he couldn’t do another rep. 

After an intense workout, Coach Kirby tells Ton it is important to get a good stretch to cool down. He also tells him to eat healthy foods which includes protein and vegetables to help his body recover and rebuild. 

The Crossfit workout can train your mind to work harder, your body to become stronger, and generally condition your heart and cardiovascular system.