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How supermoms can find ‘me time’ in fitness

Beatrice Go
How supermoms can find ‘me time’ in fitness
Are you a busy mom looking to commit to fitness? Here are some tips on how to get started.

Moms really have a lot on their plate. 

Not only do they have to fulfill many duties at work, but their minds are also running around thinking about their families and kids. 

According to Cam Lagmay of REBEL, a local fitness app that provides free workouts, health education and recipes that uses ingredients that are readily accessible in the Philippines, many of her clients who are mothers still yearn for a chance to work out again. 

“It’s really about paying respect to these superheroes that we have in our lives, who are so busy but they still want to exercise,” said Lagmay, who specializes in dance and low-impact training.  

“They still want to be motivated, they still want accountability, so that’s something that I’m super proud of my experience training with them.” 

Lagmay shares some of her tips to busy moms on how they could recommit to fitness despite having a tight schedule. 

Create a non-negotiable fitness routine

Setting aside your “most peaceful” time for a workout can be more rewarding than you think. 

Whether it’s an early start or it’s logging in some minutes for exercise at night, that period should be non-negotiable when making fitness a habit. 

“Get an early start to create a non-negotiable routine for yourself in the morning or at night while the kids are asleep, whichever works for you, so that you can really get it done,” said Lagmay. 

According to Lagmay, exercising doesn’t have to take long, but committing to being active is the first step in making it part of your routine. 

“You show up to it, then you’re more likely to succeed, right?” 

Exercise with your kids

A way to get your active minutes while bonding with your kids is to exercise together. 

Whether it’s enrolling them to online group classes or learning a sport with them, it can also help moms destress. 

“Join them when they’re playing. Their play time can be your play time as well and vice versa,” said Lagmay.

Find an exercise that works for you

When you actually love to do something, you’ll make time for it. 

There are many kinds of outdoor sports like biking and running that don’t need a lot of equipment and home workouts are widely available in the market right now. 

REBEL offers free programs in yoga, pilates, HIIT, dance and strength training that moms can explore. 

“If you do something you enjoy, the more you’ll be committed to it and the more you’ll be motivated to do it as well,” said Lagmay. 

Join group classes

Group classes give accountability, and accountability helps keep you committed!

Lagmay says it becomes a win-win situation because as you improve your physical health, you are also gaining new friendships in the process.

“You can use group classes as a platform to connect with other moms, connect with people who are going through the same thing as you,” says Lagmay. 

“It helps you in the physical aspect and it helps you as well in your social life.” 

Don’t be afraid of lifting weights

Moms are strong, but they can get even stronger physically by lifting weights. (READ: Power up: Breaking the stereotype of women and weights)

“There’s so many benefits to lifting weights and when you have more muscle and you build more muscle it will definitely help you more burn more calories,” says Lagmay. 

Women are already breaking many stereotypes in lifting weights as it also builds up their confidence by getting stronger.

“Lifting weights is so efficient, it’s not a cheat sheet but it’s something that will go a long, long way so don’t be afraid to lift weights.” –

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