Rappler Talk Sports: Philippine Wrestling Revolution

MANILA, Philippines – Professional wrestling's influence is still alive and kicking through shows produced by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), New Japan Pro Wrestling, and many local promotions around the world.

Of course, the Philippines is not missing out on their own wrestling fix. Within the last half-decade, two wrestling promotions have emerged in the country. One of them is Philippine Wrestling Revolution or PWR. 

PWR was established in 2013, reviving the Pinoy wrestling scene. It has since produced multiple stellar homegrown wrestlers, with 3 of them recently earning the opportunity to try out for WWE.

Ahead of PWR's show, PWR Live: Championship Spirit, on Sunday, July 28, Michael Bueza talks to its 3 singles champions: PWR winner Quatro, Philippine Excellence (PHX) titlist Chino Guinto, and All Out War champion Martivo. – Rappler.com