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Joshua Pacio confident of Team Lakay’s bond

Joshua Pacio confident of Team Lakay’s bond

THANKFUL. Joshua Pacio says his Team Lakay stablemates helped him become the champion that he is today.

ONE Championship

'We are more than a team – we are family,' says ONE champion Joshua Pacio after another fighter said Team Lakay stablemate Lito Adiwang is better than him

Reigning ONE Championship strawweight king Joshua “The Passion” Pacio paid no mind to what Jarred “The Monkey God” Brooks said last week when the American compared Pacio to his teammate Lito “Thunder Kid” Adiwang.

Brooks gave his own hot take, saying that he feels like Adiwang is better than Pacio and that he expects the two good friends to face each other in the near future. 

“It’s a game of inches and Lito and Josh are great on the feet, but I think Lito is a little bit better on the feet than Josh,” Brooks said.  

“As far as the jiu-jitsu and the wrestling aspect, it seems that Lito is catching up fairly quickly compared to Josh, so I think Lito is a little bit better than Josh.” 

If that’s his way of getting in Pacio’s head, then he may have failed, because Pacio doesn’t mind training with people who are better than him. In fact, he believes that’s what made him the man he is today. 

“Like what I’ve said in my past interviews, I train with guys that are stronger than me, more explosive than me, faster than me, and more technical than me – that’s why I am a champion now,” Pacio said. 

“One of those guys is Lito. He helped me improve my striking and my overall game.” 

The 25-year-old Filipino further added that he doesn’t really worry about Brooks’ comment causing a rift because he’s confident that his team’s bond is too strong for it to be shaken by an outsider’s remarks. 

“In our team, there’s no ‘I am better than him.’ We help each other grow,” Pacio said.  

“There’s no room for pride, there’s no room for self-proclamations saying he is the best.  Every training [session], we are considered students that are gradually learning.”

“There are things that I don’t know that my teammates know, so they teach me. And there are things that I know that they don’t know, so we teach each other. We are more than a team – we are family.” –