5 key points from new Russian doping report

LONDON, United Kingdom – Here are 5 key points from the damning report into Russian doping by Canadian law professor Richard McLaren published on Friday, December 9 (Saturday in Manila): 

State-sponsored doping

McLaren makes no bones that what was clear in his first report remains the case in his second one that it was state-sponsored doping, 'An institutional conspiracy', involving among others the Russian Sports Ministry and Russia's FSB security service.

"The summer and winter sports athletes were not acting individually but within an organized infrastructure as reported on in the 1st Report," wrote McLaren.

Sochi was not the climax

McLaren makes plain the system wasn't just set up for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics – so Russian athletes could sweep the board in front of a home audience – but was to continue afterwards.

"The swapping of Russian athletes' urine samples further confirmed in this 2nd Report as occurring at Sochi, did not stop at the close of the Winter Olympics. The sample swapping technique used at Sochi became a regular monthly practice of the Moscow Laboratory in dealing with elite and summer and winter athletes," wrote McLaren. 

Over 1,000 athletes in the program

The scale of the doping is eye-opening, McLaren states that over 1000 Russian sports people from across the spectrum, summer and winter sports and Paralympians were involved. "They can be identified as being involved in or benefiting from manipulations to conceal positive doping tests," wrote McLaren. 

Evolution theory

McLaren says that the sytematic doping process was adapted through several years and major sporting events to also take into account WADA rule changes as they tried to stay ahead of the testers and their developing of more effective testing for different doping products.

"This systematic and centralized cover up and manipulation of the doping control process evolved and was refined over the course of its use at London 2012 Summer Games, Universiade Games 2013, Moscow IAAF World Championships 2013 and the Winter Games in Sochi in 2014. The evolution of the infrastructure was also spawned in response to WADA regulatory changes and surprise interventions," wrote McLaren. 

'Immutable facts'

McLaren – who was riled by the International Olympic Committee's reaction to his first Report in saying they were allegations when the law professor said they were facts – stipulates this Report is not based on verbal evidence for its conclusion and adds the key findings from his first Report remain unchanged.

"The forensic testing, which is based on immutable facts, is conclusive. The evidence does not depend on verbal testimony to draw a conclusion. Rather, it tests the physical evidence and a conclusion is drawn from those results. The results of the forensic and laboratory analysis initiated by the IP (Indepedent Person) establish that the conspiracy was perpetrated between 2011 and 2015." – Rappler.com