Klay Thompson suffered concussion symptoms, vomiting after knee strike

MANILA, Philippines - The nasty knee to the temple that Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson took from Houston Rockets player Trevor Ariza in game 5 of the Western Conference Finals on Thursday, May 28 has resulted in a concussion for the “Splash Brother.” 

Thompson, who went down in the fourth quarter after faking out Ariza only to get struck by the knee, also suffered a laceration to his right ear that required stitches and passed a concussion test that cleared him to return to the game.  

Thompson sat out the rest of the game, which the Warriors won to earn entry to the NBA Finals for the first time in 40 years.

Thompson’s father Mychal Thompson, himself a former NBA player, told ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike that Klay Thompson was unable to drive himself from the Oracle Arena after the game and vomited several times once he arrived home.

“He was pretty woozy last night,” Mychal Thompson, who won consecutive NBA titles in 1987-88 with the Los Angeles Lakers, said. “I had to drive him home; he wasn’t able to drive himself home. When he got home he threw up a couple of times and after he threw up…he started to feel a lot better.

“When I left his house he was resting comfortably. After a couple of days off he seems to think he’ll be fine."

Thompson will have to undergo the league’s “Return-to Participation Protocol” which involves monitoring of physical exercises to assess whether he is physically well enough to play.

Thompson should have ample time to recover before the NBA Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers open Thursday, June 4 (Friday Manila time).

- Rappler.com