Dwyane Wade thankful for ‘purple shirt guy’

Paul Mata
Dwyane Wade thankful for ‘purple shirt guy’

Paul Mata

Playing one last time in Charlotte, Dwyane Wade thanks the 'purple shirt guy' who 'added to the legend' of his career



CHARLOTTE, USA – If you’ve recently checked out Dwyane Wade’s “One Last Dance” merchandise, most especially the back portion of the shirt, it lists down some of the most memorable dates and happening in his storied career. One of the significant games for Charlotte Hornets fans was “The Purple Shirt Guy Game” that happened last April 29, 2016.

It was an epic Game 6 where Wade was clutch in the 4th quarter. He sank two three-pointers and a fadeway turnaround shot in the closing seconds that silenced the 19,636 fans in attendance.

In the first 3 quarter of that game, he was doing his playmaking, getting teammates involved. But in the crucial moments of that game, he took over and scored 10 of his 23 points.

But it was a memorable encounter with a Hornets fan sitting at courtside that awakened and challenged Wade that led to his rousing performance in the series.

Asked backed then in the locker room what the “purple shirt guy” was telling him, Wade responded, “He was over there telling me I should retire. I’m like, ‘Whatever. Not yet.’ But he was on me.”


As Wade played one last time in Charlotte, North Carolina, local media couldn’t help but ask about that particular game 3 years ago. (READ: Heat edge Hornets as race for last East playoff spot tightens)

“It was definitely a cool moment. It was a cool story behind it,” said Wade. “I appreciate him for being part of the story. It has added to the legend of my career. I’m thankful for it.”



Miami head coach Erik Spoelstra recalled: “We went up 2-0 in that series. And they beat us in two competitive games here. And that’s why when you’ve been to many playoff series, you realize nothing is guaranteed. Oftentimes, it doesn’t go according to plan.”

“So, we went back with confidence and we were going home. They took a game from us. That was an emotionally demoralizing loss at home in Game 5,” added Spoelstra. “It was one of those masculine, back-against-the-wall moments that Dwyane Wade has built has career on and responding to it.

“You could tell that some of the young guys on the team. We had a great veteran team, but guys, the younger players who have never been in that type of situation are thinking, ‘Oh, s**t!’.  

“Dwyane was one of those guys who was thinking that we got a game that has more pressure. This is what I live for. It was his best game in the series and set-up the best thing in team sports, which was a Game 7,” Spoeltra said after the team shootaround. – Rappler.com


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