LOOK: 'Swag Champ' Nick Young front and center in Warriors’ title celebration

MANILA, Philippines – It seems that everything the Cleveland Cavaliers can do, the Golden State Warriors can really do better.

If the Cavs have the shirtless party animal that is JR Smith, who was most likely drunk during Game 1, the Warriors have an answer in the form of “Swaggy P” Nick Young.

Our apologies, "Swaggy P" is dead. It’s all about the “Swag Champ” now.

"Swag Champ now, no more Swaggy P"  (via @NickSwagyPYoung) pic.twitter.com/6MfNqhjMTp — Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) June 9, 2018

And the Swag Champ is all about style, or lack thereof. Here he is taking a page from JR Smith, all shirtless and ready for the championship parade.

Swaggy Champ's celebration is still in full throttle pic.twitter.com/WrG63qCeNx — ESPN (@espn) June 10, 2018

Maybe he’s still tipsy from all the champagne popped in the Warriors’ locker room, which TMZ reported to have cost around $400,000 (P21.1 million).

Wanna know what it’s like in the BACK-TO-BACK CHAMPS locker room? pic.twitter.com/XMC418ajmR — Golden State Warriors (@warriors) June 9, 2018

Per TMZ Sports, the Warriors popped 300 bottles of Moet & Chandon, 150 Imperial Golden Luminous magnums and 150 Nectar Imperial Rose magnums. That’s how you celebrate like a champ.

Of course, in true Swag Champ fashion, he also dropped shade on D’Angelo Russell, his former teammate who leaked that he was cheating on then-girlfriend Iggy Azalea.

Nick Young saying "I went from gettin' snitched on to puttin' a ring on" is the greatest quote in NBA history pic.twitter.com/SFIgoOiPpf — Tyler Conway (@jtylerconway) June 9, 2018

In the end, the only Iggy he ever needed was Andre.


– Rappler.com