WATCH: Zion Williamson wants 'something special' as Pelicans leader

MANILA, Philippines – Zion Williamson seeks to do big things with the New Orleans Pelicans after being drafted first overall in the 2019 NBA Rookie Draft. 

With the Pelicans parading a relatively young squad following the trade of superstar Anthony Davis to the Los Angeles Lakers, Williamson – as early as now – is ready to assume the leadership role. 

"I see myself trying to step into a leadership role," said the 18-year-old phenom out of Duke University. 

"When I think about doing that, I have to also understand my teammates and understand where their heads are at because I think if you're not on the same page, things don't usually go well." 

"I think it's a matter of us coming together, making the same goals and just willing to win, and I think we can do something special." 

For a New Orleans team that has not made past the conference semifinals in its franchise history, expectations are high for player as hyped as Williamson. 

Williamson wants to be known nothing less than a winner. 

"I'm going to do anything to win. I'm just going to do anything to win," he said. 

"As much as responsibility, I love the game and I love to win. Whatever the team needs me to do, I'm willing to do it, because I feel like people remember winners." –