PBA Commissioner Salud: Allado "has lost his mind"

MANILA, Philippines - The head of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) is not pleased.

After Barako Bull player Don Allado turned to Twitter to accuse the league of game-fixing, PBA Commissioner Chito Salud held a press conference condemning Allado's statements.

"I just want to stress to the fans, these accusations saying that the PBA is rigged, the PBA is fixed, that we control who goes to the semis and to the finals and who becomes the eventual champion... baseless," he said. "Unfounded. And certainly could only come from someone who has lost his mind and is clearly a sore loser."

Salud said he was "surprised and saddened" about Allado's tweets that he posted early Wednesday morning, July 4, the night after his team lost to Powerade.

The two are scheduled to meet Thursday, July 5 regarding Allado's accusations that he has since deleted on Twitter. 

"Tomorrow will be the reckoning day for him and he better have something," Salud said.

Emotional outburst?

Salud made no effort to hide his anger and disappointment. 

He said the statements made by Allado did not only hurt the referees, but the whole league and all players and commissioners who have come before him who had worked hard to protect the PBA's reputation.

He also slammed Allado's decision to turn to Twitter rather than airing his sentiments to Salud, actions which he described as "unacceptable."

"Our player are role models. After you lose how do you behave?," he said. "Obviously it was a burst of emotion. Check your emotion, check your temper."


Salud said Allado is likely to get sanctions for his behavior, that could range anywhere from fines to suspensions, to anything he as commissioner sees fit. 

He said players and officials are prohibited by PBA's constitution to make any public statements about the league, although he promised to hear Allado's side and give him due process.

Salud promised he will investigate Allado's claims in the event that he has evidence to back his tweets up.

"There is no way we will allow the league to be rigged or fixed," said Salud.

The commissioner who has been in his position for almost two years said this is the first time he has ever heard a player blatantly accuse the league of being fixed.

"I'm aching to hear his side," he said. - Rappler.com