Parks says Abueva cursed, made obscene gestures towards his girlfriend

MANILA, Philippines – Ray Parks called out Calvin Abueva for his obscene gestures towards the Blackwater rookie's girlfriend late in Phoenix's 103-98 win in the 2019 PBA Commissioner's Cup on Friday, May 31. 

Abueva allegedly motioned at Parks' girlfriend, actress Maika Rivera, like he's jerking off and called her a "b**ch" when he picked up his final foul with 15 seconds left in the game. 

"I understand he plays with antics and plays with people's minds, but why can't he do that to me?" an upset Parks told reporters. 

"Why would he go off to the side of the court, to nobody that had nothing to do [with the game] and literally call that person a 'b**ch' while looking at the clock?" 

Ray Parks calls out Calvin Abueva for his obscene gestures towards his girlfriend Maika Rivera late in Phoenix's 103-98 win over Blackwater. Parks said Abueva called Rivera a "b**ch." #PBA2019 | @dioquinodelfin — Rappler Sports (@RapplerSports) May 31, 2019

"I don't even curse. And he's going to curse at my girl and say, 'What now, b**ch?' and then do this," Parks added while showing the gesture. 

"Beyond the game, that's disrespectful. I wouldn't call his wife a 'B' word. That's messed up. Something's got to happen. That could be anybody. That could be somebody's wife, the head coach's wife, somebody."

"That's messed up. That's really messed up so I want to get the message out. My girl right now, she's hurt, she's crying. Nobody deserves to be called that."

Parks said he did not witness what transpired between Abueva and Rivera. 

"If I saw it happen, I'll be honest with you, I would have got thrown out the game. For real. He's lucky I didn't see it," Park said. 

"When he got fouled out, he even flicked her off. Called her, 'What now, b**ch?' and then doing this on the bench. He even walked up to her and tried to do it again. He did it twice." 

"He can do whatever he wants to me, he can hurt me on the court, whatever, try to intimidate me. But don't talk about my family. Don't go beyond that. Keep a certain level of professionalism. You don't do that."

"We lost the game, great job by their team. But at the end of the day, some things need to be done. That isn't right. Now you think that I love to bring my mother in a game? That ain't right." 

Parks said he intends to raise the matter to the Commissioner's Office and expects Abueva to face the consequences. 

"He has to straight up get fined and has to do an apology at least, if you have enough dignity in you to do that. That isn't right. How would you feel if you were in my shoes?"

"How do you feel if that was your mother, your wife? The mother of your kids? That's not right. Some things have to be done. I'm not going to let this just pass. This needs to get settled." 

PBA commissioner Willie Marcial said he will summon Abueva next week to talk about the matter. –

Delfin Dioquino

Delfin Dioquino dreamt of being a PBA player, but he did not have the skills to make it. So he pursued the next best thing to being an athlete – to write about them. He took up journalism at the University of Santo Tomas and joined Rappler as soon as he graduated in 2017.