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[PODCAST] At the Buzzer: Getting real about the PBA, draft predictions

Naveen Ganglani
[PODCAST] At the Buzzer: Getting real about the PBA, draft predictions
PBA agents Marvin Espiritu and Matthew Manotoc of EMBM Management dish out their honest take on the pro league

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An explosive episode of At The Buzzer takes place when host Naveen Ganglani welcomes prominent PBA agents Marvin Espiritu and Matthew Manotoc of EMBM Management to the show. 

The experienced sports agents give their honest opinions about Asia’s oldest basketball league, from its traditions in the past to where it’s headed in the future.

Marv and Matt give an idea on how other teams are reacting to controversial trades, what actually happens before and during the draft, and whether there’s an opportunity for the PBA to reshape its rules about required documents for applicants.

Did you know a full-blooded Filipino is considered a foreigner by the league just because he was born abroad? 

Or that some teams don’t take scouting as seriously as you might think before draft day? 

Or that maybe it’s time the PBA considers adding more teams to its league, given the deep collection of talent in Philippine hoops that’s unrecognized? 

EMBM also shares stories about their best players, like the hefty Jason Perkins and the fiery Robert Bolick.

You’d also be surprised to hear some of the weirdest requests they’ve been asked by their guys, which you can hear all about towards the end of the episode.

Curious where some of your favorite draft applicants might be selected? The two dish out information they’re hearing around the league as the virtual draft day approaches.

Where will Santi Santillan go? How about Alvin Pasaol? And Aljun Melecio? Troy Rike?

Who will go in the top two?

All that and more.

Here is an excerpt from the podcast:

Naveen: Calvin Oftana has declared, Aljun Melecio has declared, Jerrick Ahanmisi, Alvin Pasaol, Santi Santillan, Troy Rike… all these guys played college basketball here. What are you hearing in terms of the interest PBA teams have for these players? 

I know Santi for example, a lot of teams are interested in him because his game has always been like a wing, but how about the other players? Even Santi, like is there kind of battle for who can get him first now? What’s going on there? 

Marvin: Well for Santi, I think the crucial pick would be NLEX because it’s between him and Calvin Oftana. Who they’re going to pick for their 3 and 4? So if NLEX picks, let’s say like, Calvin Oftana, then maybe NLEX would use their 4th pick to say, who’s the best available talent there? Then… if they go for talent, then you can throw in the name of Mikee Williams or Alvin Pasaol di ba?