PH taekwondo association imposes indefinite ban on Ateneo bully

MANILA, Philippines – After forming an ad hoc committee to investigate the Ateneo Junior High School bully  – a taekwondo jin – the Philippine Taekwondo Association (PTA) decided to impose an indefinite ban on him unless he completes a rehabilitation program. 

According to a statement released by the PTA, the indefinite ban will include all events sanctioned by the national federation – not limited to taekwondo events, but also belt promotions, tournaments, or facilities of member-institutions. 

The ban takes effect immediately. 

But the young jin can still have a career in taekwondo if he completes a rehabilitation program with organizations that will handle his counseling. (READ: Ateneo dismisses student caught bullying)

"The PTA on its part will endeavor to lend support through its Taekwondo education and training programs. The aim for this is to allow the individual to own responsibility for his actions to show remorse and contribute positively to the community," read the statement.

If he decides not to take this option, the PTA warned that he can be expelled from Philippine taekwondo. 

"Should he or his family decline this option, the PTA wil have no choice but to expel the practitioner from the association."

"Supervised counseling and rehabilitation are conditions for reinstatement. The PTA will conduct another evaluation on the student's compliance post the rehabilitation program prior to reinstatement and even then, will put the practitioner on probationary status for a minimum of 12 months." 

The PTA continues to pledge its commitment to instill the values of taekwondo, and believes that the best way to move on from the incident is to provide the bully with the necessary guidance and mentorship in order for him to be welcomed into the community once again. –