Should Pacquiao retire?

DOWN. Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao is knocked down by Mexico's Juan Miguel Marquez Sunday, December 9. File photo.

But despite their misgivings, many more Filipinos still want Pacquiao to go out on a high note by winning everyone's dream match before retiring.

To many, that would pit him against undefeated American fighter Floyd Mayweather Jr, even though earlier efforts to set up the dream match have failed.

"He shouldn't retire. He has to recover and redeem himself. Then he can retire," Roel Velasco, a bronze medallist at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, told the Bulletin.

Even London-based Boxing News blogger Daniel Welling questioned whether Pacquiao should find a better way to bid boxing goodbye.

"It would be a huge shame if one of the greatest fighters of the modern era ends his career face down on the mat," he wrote.- Agence France-Presse