WATCH: Jalen Green steps up to pro dunker David Carlos in NBTC dunk-off

MANILA, Philippines – Jalen Green did not disappoint in the slightest as he starred in the 2019 Chooks-to-Go NBTC All-Stars dunk contest at the Mall of Asia Arena on Saturday, March 23. 

The top-ranked 2020 prospect showed off his bounce and ended up clashing with professional dunker David Carlos into a well-deserved draw and co-ownership of the Slam Dunk title. 

Here's exactly why the judging panel composed of Joshua Munzon, Dylan Ababou, Ricci Rivero, Kobe Paras, and NBA champion Metta World Peace had a hard time deciding on one winner for the afternoon.

And as for the fans, they may have just been treated to the best Filipino slam dunk contest ever seen so far.

From the get-go, Green and Carlos showed they were a cut above the rest and quickly eliminated guest dunker Darwin Cantong and FilAm Sports' Kai Ballungay from the running.

David Carlos soars over SIX people for the tomahawk and the 44! #NBTC @RapplerSports — JR Isaga (@JRnalistic) March 23, 2019 Jalen Green soars like Superman for the perfect 50! #NBTC @RapplerSports — JR Isaga (@JRnalistic) March 23, 2019


Now with the MOA Arena all to themselves, the dunking duo cranked up the intensity, much to the delight of fans in attendance.

David Carlos keeps the 50s coming with the spinning one-hand jam over a man! #NBTC @RapplerSports — JR Isaga (@JRnalistic) March 23, 2019 Through the legs windmill jam off the running toss? There should be a score higher than 50 for Jalen Green. #NBTC @RapplerSports — JR Isaga (@JRnalistic) March 23, 2019


Until the last pair of slam jams, the two just won't crack under the pressure, forcing the judges to call it a tie from there.

With a ladder and an extra ball, David Carlos - quite literally - upped the ante with a double dunk and the Spiderman hang!  No need to ask what the score was. #NBTC @RapplerSports — JR Isaga (@JRnalistic) March 23, 2019 For his final dunk, Jalen Green had MOA Arena up on their feet with a BEHIND-THE-BACK windmill flush! #NBTC @RapplerSports — JR Isaga (@JRnalistic) March 23, 2019


It was undoubtedly a great showing from the 17-year-old Green who forced a stalemate against the veteran Carlos, a FIBA 3X3 Dunk Contest medalist.

There were certainly no losers from that instant classic, as both dunk artists proved that living above the rim is no longer just a Pinoy hooper's dream. –