7 Perlas Spikers players test positive for COVID-19 in Baguio camp

Seven players and one coach of the Perlas Spikers tested positive for the coronavirus during their Baguio training camp as they were gearing up for the Philippine Volleyball League.

The team did not disclose the members who contracted COVID-19.

"We ask for your prayers for the 7 players and one coach who tested positive after taking RT-PCR tests," Perlas said in a statement.

"As always, we look forward to playing volleyball again."

The team also dismissed rumors that the positive COVID-19 results were a result of players sneaking out of their accommodation and training sites.

"As a sign of respect and gratitude to the people of Baguio, the Perlas Spikers followed every single protocol," Perlas said.

"All members were accounted for at all times and not one went anywhere other than where we were staying and our training venue, riding the bus provided by the [local government unit] in between."

Perlas team captain Jem Ferrer said members who tested positive are now in the process of regaining their health.

"As of now, we are all okay in the team. Everyone who has COVID is already in the quarantine facility and recovering," Ferrer said. ā€“ Rappler.com