Wrestling 'reboot' at PWR Live: Bagong Yugto

MANILA, Philippines – Before a Rumble and a coronation, see first a "reboot" of the Revo-nation.

Following a rocky last quarter of 2016 for the Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR), the company seeks to turn the page in its first show of 2017, aptly titled PWR Live: Bagong Yugto.

PWR heads to Quezon City for the first time, with 9 matches serving as the first lines of a new chapter in its history.

Old rivalries will be rekindled and new ones will unravel. Plus, PWR General Manager Mr. Sy will be watching all proceedings to help him decide who gets to be in the upcoming Path of Gold match. Up for grabs in that match is a future shot at any of PWR's two championship belts.

Here are what's in store at PWR Live: Bagong Yugto on Sunday, January 29, 5 pm at Venue 142, Roof Deck, L Building, 142 Katipunan Avenue, Saint Ignatius, QC.

PWR Championship: John Sebastian (c) vs. "The Senyorito" Jake de Leon

The self-proclaimed wrestling lord and savior John Sebastian defends his newly-won PWR Championship against the man he defeated for it, Jake de Leon.

Sebastian outsmarted two-time PWR champion De Leon at The Senyorito's own game, a Bacolod Bullrope Match, at PWR Live: Suplex Sunday last November 13. He even dealt JDL a concussion on the way out.

Then, just a week before Bagong Yugto, Sebastian attempted to derail De Leon's quest to regain the gold by attacking him during a PWR bootcamp training.

Will Sebastian beat JDL twice in a row on Sunday? Or will De Leon defeat all odds in this rematch to become the first 3-time PWR champ?

PHX Championship: Main Maxx (c) vs. Peter Versoza

Looks like an alliance gets royally flushed at Bagong Yugto, when former cohorts Peter Versoza and Philippine Hybrid X (PHX) Champion Main Maxx goes one-on-one for the first time.

It all started at Suplex Sunday, following Main Maxx's successful title defense versus Crystal. Maxx showed respect for the fiery female wrestler, but Versoza chose to rekindle his disdain for her.

Maxx stopped P to the V in his beatdown, but Versoza's backstabbing ways surfaced once again and sent the champ's head onto the canvas with a vicious Pete-gree.

Versoza aims to humiliate Main Maxx some more by ending the longest PHX Championship reign (at 281 days on Sunday). But the question is: Will Main Maxx let him?


Chris Panzer vs. Ken Warren

For the 5th time in PWR history, the leader of the Panzer Army and the Social Media Sinister face off. Their feud began at the first-ever PWR event; the record currently stands at 2 wins apiece. 

This will be Ken Warren's first match in 6 months. Meanwhile, Chris Panzer is fresh on the heels of a victory over Chino Guinto at Suplex Sunday.

Panzer seeks to sustain his momentum at Bagong Yugto by beating his longtime rival, while Warren plans to stage an impactful comeback at the expense of Panzer.

SANDATA vs. The Apocalypse

PWR's resident masked warrior meets the resident masked monster once again. They last met in March 2016, with SANDATA picking up the victory via count-out.

Fast-forward: Months after coming so close to winning the PHX Title at Suplex Sunday, SANDATA seeks to regain lost ground. A win against The Apocalypse can bring him back on track.

But it's the maniacal, blood-seeking, ruthless Apocalypse we're talking about here. In any match with him, winning is half the battle. Will SANDATA survive? 

Crystal vs. James "Idol" Martinez

All 3 members of The Network will be in action at Bagong Yugto. The group's leader, James "Idol" Martinez, will face Crystal in their first-ever encounter.

Crystal seems unfazed that she's setting her sights on the honcho atop the Network pyramid. Martinez, meanwhile, seeks to rebound from a loss he suffered in tag team action at Suplex Sunday.

Ralph Imabayashi vs. Chino Guinto

Also wanting to recoup from defeat is Chino Guinto, but it will be a daunting task as he takes on the Filipino-Japanese Sensation, Ralph Imabayashi.

If Guinto wins, this will be a great opportunity for the Golden Boy, which may translate to a Path of Gold opportunity. But you can bet that former PWR Champion Imabayashi will not make it easy for the Network downline.

Rederick Mahaba vs. Alexander Belmonte III

The third Network member, Alexander Belmonte III, makes his singles debut at Bagong Yugto against the charming King of Puso, Rederick Mahaba.

Will the big downline up the ante against the Intimate Warrior? Or will Mahaba make quick work of AB3?


Fighters 4 Hire vs. The YOLO Twins

The spotlight is also on PWR's tag team division, with two match-ups on deck at Bagong Yugto.

Hard-hitting veterans Joey Bax and Miguel Rosales looks to teach the brats Yohann and Logan Ollores a lesson... or two. However, any adverse action that will arise from this match may not mitigate any litigation whatsoever... that is if the twins do call their father-lawyer.

The Punkdolls (Martivo and Robynn) vs. Mike Madrigal and Vlad Sinnsyk

Finally, the ragtag tandem of Mike Madrigal and Vlad Sinnsyk will face the unique team of "The Man-Doll" Martivo and punk chic Robynn.

Both pairs teamed up for the first time at Suplex Sunday, and have worked well together in their respective match-ups. Madrigal and Sinnsyk brought the fight to Fighters 4 Hire, while Martivo and Robynn rattled the YOLO Twins. Which team will prevail?


With PWR moving forward in 2017, let's see who will make it to the next pages. – Rappler.com

Tickets for PWR Live: Bagong Yugto are available at PlayBook Video Game Lounge and Bookshop (Circuit Makati and Pergola Mall branches) and The Appraisery (Cubao Expo). You may order online via direct message on Philippine Wrestling Revolution's Facebook page or via email at pwr.tickets@gmail.com.

Ticket price is P400. PWR offers an early-bird discount of P350 until January 28, and a "barkada bundle" of 3 tickets at P999.

You may follow PWR on Twitter and Instagram at @pwrofficial, or visit pwrcentral.com.

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