First Look: PlayStation VR
First Look: PlayStation VR
As amazing as the prototype is right now, there are still some gameplay issues that need to be fixed

Many new games were available to play at the 2015 Tokyo Game Show on September 17-20. Judging from the long lines at PlayStation’s booth, most gamers were excited to try the newly renamed virtual reality headset: PlayStation VR.

Formerly known as Project Morpheus, the PlayStation VR showcased both family-friendly titles and fast-paced, action-packed games.

Here’s Rappler ‘s first look at the PlayStation VR.

If you’re itching to know the upcoming games to play for your console, tablet, and smartphone, then the 2015 Tokyo Game Show is the place to be!

But this year’s TGS is not just about the new games. It’s also about the next level of gaming experience. Presenting Virtual Reality or VR!

Formerly called Project Morpheus, the newly renamed PlayStation VR not only gives you a 360 degree view of the game, but also lets you look left, right, up, down, or any direction you like.

Just spending a few minutes inside the virtual game world will make you forget you’re even wearing the PlayStation VR headset.

Since it’s still in development, much of the gameplay is very simple. In the PlayStation Playroom’s VR games, you just need to move your head to execute in-game actions!

It may make you look a bit silly to your friends, but it’s all part of the fun!

While the PlayStation VR presented in the 2015 TGS is still a prototype, there are already some games that you will need to use a controller together with the headset.


Nicolas Doucet, Creative Director & Producer, PlayStation VR: Soon we will be showing a game where you have a controlling VR… The point is to always keep it simple and easy to play.

But as amazing the prototype is right now, there are still some gameplay issues that need to be fixed.

Nicolas Doucet, Creative Director & Producer, PlayStation VR: We tried lots of things and every time with new technology, half of it works, half of it doesn’t work. You just throw away and learn.

Although there is still no timetable for the release of the PlayStation VR, it looks like virtual reality games will become a reality not too far into the future.

Victor Barreiro, Rappler, Manila.

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