Mark Zuckerberg’s 2016 plans include AI househelp

Victor Barreiro Jr.
Mark Zuckerberg’s 2016 plans include AI househelp
The Facebook CEO plans to build an AI system to run his home in 2016: 'You can think of it kind of like Jarvis in Iron Man'

MANILA, PHilippines – Have you been following the challenges that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg poses for himself every year? Brace yourself for what he’s set out to do in 2016.

This year, Zuckerberg is challenging himself to build a simple artificial intelligence (AI) system that would allow him to run his home and aid in his work.

“You can think of it kind of like Jarvis in Iron Man,” he wrote on a Facebook post on Sunday, January 3 (Monday morning, January 4, in Manila).

Zuckerberg said he will begin this year’s project by exploring existing technology. Once he has a firm grasp on the technology, he will then teach the technology to understand his voice, allowing him to control the music, lights, and temperature in his home.

The plans also include teaching the AI to open locks and allow entry into the home via facial recognition and to help monitor his daughter Max.

“On the work side,” he added, “it’ll help me visualize data in VR to help me build better services and lead my organizations more effectively.”

“This should be a fun intellectual challenge to code this for myself,” Zuckerberg wrote. “I’m looking forward to sharing what I learn over the course of the year.”


Every year, I take on a personal challenge to learn new things and grow outside my work at Facebook. My challenges in…

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Sunday, January 3, 2016

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