Pokemon Go launches in select regions

Pokemon Go launches in select regions
Pokemon fans, rejoice! The Pokemon Go augmented reality game is rolling out in select countries!

MANILA, Philippines – Nintendo and developer Niantic Labs on Wednesday, July 6, released called Pokemon Go, the first pokemon augmented reality mobile game for Android and iOS.

Fans have been patiently waiting for the release of the game since it was announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo last June that the game would come out in July.

It likely came as a surprise to avid Pokemon fans that the app was launched todaay in select locations, because Nintendo and The Pokemon Company kept quiet about the official release date of the game despite ending beta testing on June 30.


Pokemon Go uses your smartphone’s camera, sensors and GPS to be able to place the titular pokemon into the real world. When you travel to different places, different places, various Pokemon will appear and can be battled or caught.

Users can pick the name and starting clothes of their character. The first pokemon they get will be shown in the world map and all you need to do is to touch the pokemon to attempt to catch it. 

Players can also purchase virtual pokecoins with real money to buy pokeballs, incense, eggs, and more. The micro transactions range from $0.99 to $99.99.

The Catch

While Pokemon Go is not yet available worldwide, users from Australia, New Zealand, and Japan have said the app can be picked up in their countries.

It is common for gaming companies to do “soft launches” in selected countries before deploying the app worldwide.

US and Japan users were asked to “please wait for a while” for the app’s launch in those markets, according to The Wall Street Journal.


Eager fans are also finding alternative methods to download the Pokemon Go app on their iPhones or Android devices, from sideloading the program on Android to changing their location settings on iTunes just for the download.

Are you excited to try it out yourself and become a full-time Pokemon Trainer? Share your reactions in the comments or write about it on XElyse Ilagan/Rappler.com

Elyse Ilagan is a Social Media Intern for Rappler and a Journalism student from the University of Santo Tomas.

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