It’s final: TNC and Execration are going to The International

Don Kevin Hapal
It’s final: TNC and Execration are going to The International
This comes after the two teams almost lost their chance to join the tournament following difficulties in securing their members' visas

MANILA, Philippines – It’s all systems go for both TNC Pro team and Execration, who are set to represent the Philippines in The International 6, Valve’s premium Dota 2 tournament, to be held in Seattle, Washington.

This comes after the two teams almost lost their chance to join the tournament to be held from August 3 to 13, following difficulties in securing their members’ visas.

According to a report by the eSport Inquirer, the members of both teams applied for visas early July but were told by the US embassy to get a P1 visa for athletes and entertainers instead of the B1/B2 visa which is for businessmen and tourists. It takes months, however, to process the required visa.

With the tournament barely a month away, the two teams reached out to Senator Paolo Benigno “BamAquino IV for help.

Good news

On July 29, the senator announced in a press statement that Execration and TNC Pro Teams have already ironed out all kinks and secured the required visas to participate in the tournament.

Out of around 20,000 teams vying to qualify for this competition, Aquino said only 18 will compete and two are from the Philippines. 

“Our prayers for TNC and Execration have been answered. Matutuloy sila sa (They are going to) The International DOTA2 Championships at tuloy rin ang ating pagsuporta (and our support continues)!” said Senator Bam, a known supporter of the local eSports and video game development industry. 


In a post on their respective Facebook pages, both teams thanked the senator for his support.

“We would like to sincerely thank Senator Bam Aquino and all of his hardworking staff. It has been many sleepless nights but you are always there supporting us. Without your sincere efforts, this will not be possible,” wrote TNC Pro Team.

“We would like to thank Senator Bam and his team for the non-stop support and assistance they render for the filipino teams,” wrote Execration.

The International pits some of the world’s best pro teams against each other on the DOTA 2 battlegrounds for the lion’s share of a prize pool that increases through crowdfunding.

As of July 29, the prize pool for The International has already reached a record-breaking $18.8 million. –

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