WATCH: Self-driving cars in Manila?
WATCH: Self-driving cars in Manila?
Tech companies are testing self-driving cars in the US. Will it ever come to Manila?

Technology companies are testing self-driving cars in the United States, among them Uber which acquired the self-driving truck startup Otto. The technology is in its early stages, but the ultimate goal is bring driverless cars even to the most challenging of roads like in Manila.

Carmela Fonbuena files this video blog.

CARMELA FONBUENA, REPORTING: San Francisco is a city that makes you feel excited because it’s the home of a lot of the big tech names you only usually see on your phone or your computer. 

I’m walking the streets because I’m trying to catch another self-driving car, what appears to be the future of transportation. I saw one when my Uber driver from the airport when I arrived pointed at one to me, and another on my way here. You see silver cylinders rotating wildly on top of the cars, getting HD images of the streets, building 3D maps while a supercomputer sends instructions to the car.

Matt Sweeney of Otto told me he’d love to bring the car to Manila. Self-driving cars in Manila does sound like a crazy idea, a recipe for disaster. But Uber itself started as a crazy idea. It might take long for Manila to see self-driving cars, but who knows? Thank you for watching. This is Carmela Fonbuena, Rappler, San Francisco. –

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